Monday, November 5, 2018

Stop Telling Me to Stay Busy

I think if someone else tells me to "Stay busy" one more time because I talk about missing my husband, I'm going to punch them in the teeth. Maybe the boob. Depends who they are.

Telling a woman who runs and operates several businesses, owns a house, manages an almost-micro farm, several acres of property and lives alone - to stay busy - is SO ANNOYING.

I miss my husband, duh. But I'm not sitting around pining over him. Yes, I miss him curling up next to me at night, watching a movie with him, cooking dinner together, going grocery shopping, working out with each other - but I also miss him because he helped lessen my workload. He'd exercise Juno, mow the grass, take care of insects (I'm dealing with an invasion of cave crickets right now), blow snow, rake leaves, etc.

We kind of have an unwritten agreement - he handles the outside, I handle the inside: cooking, cleaning, dishes, laundry, organization, is my job. The outside stuff - the grass, gutters, lawn, home maintenance, he dives into.

But now it's all mine - on top of operating a nutrition business, a personal training business, and a food-prep biz, I have to take on all of "his" stuff.

So seriously, bro, if you tell me one more time to stay busy ... you're asking for a throat-punch.

Please don't tell an Army wife to stay busy. If you wanna help a sister out - ask how you can help. Recommend her your house cleaner. Your gutter guy. Mow her lawn. Offer to take her dog to the park or better yet - buy her a drink!

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