Sunday, October 7, 2018

When Things Don't Go To Plan

One of the hardest lessons I'm learning in life is that sometimes - things just don't go to plan. As an Army wife to a deployed servicemen, there's an attitude shift that has to happen to survive.

Bend - don't break. Things will not go to plan. You can always have the best intentions, but some days are just not going to be in your favor.

Give yourself permission to cry. I still haven't had the time yet to slow down and really process what the next year is going to look like with Travis gone, I allow myself a little tear here or there and a sad moment, and then I have to get up and move along. Because #adulting. The show must go on.

When in doubt - put the "important" things off for family time. I'm in a weird position in that I don't work a 9-5 Monday-Friday. I can't take a Sick Day or a Personal Day. And my weekends are actually my busiest. Because my weekends are so full of work, it means I don't have a lot of time to spend with friends and family. I'm doing my best to slowly re-arrange my schedule to allow for some weekend downtime.

I didn't donate blood yesterday, because I couldn't get myself out of my pajamas and into the gym. Waterworks were in full effect. But I HAD to get myself up and out of the house to at least get DH's first care package out in the mail before the Post Office closed. And I did make it into the gym after the fact, to get at least a few things done (totally not in the mood), when my mother in law text me and said they were meeting at a local winery for food and drink.

I was looking at my long to-do list - grocery shopping for Athleat Kitchen, in-process new clients, programming for remote clients, and on and on - when I just said "Not today." I needed them. I needed good company, and friendship, and family. My husband's family is amazing, and they always make my heart so full.

So what started out as the worst day yet of the deployment (not even a week in, guys), turned into one of the better ones. I didn't get ANYTHING done that I needed to, but my head and my heart are in a better place to get to work today.

Most people will be enjoying their Sunday, watching football, having breakfast in bed, NetFlix and chill. Meanwhile, my to-do list is growing. Mowing our 2-acre yard needs to get tackled sometime in the next 8 hours.

You win some, you lose some.

Have a great Sunday, ya'll!

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