Monday, October 8, 2018


I survived the day! I was on my feet from 8am to 8pm, but I did it all. Allow me a moment to toot my productivity horn:

Grocery shopped
Meal Prepped
Unpacked (finally)
Mowed the Lawn
Cleaned the out-garage
In-processed new Nutrition Clients
Started reviewing weekly check-ins
Programmed for Remote Clients

I had to fill the mower with gas for the first time. I think I poured more gas on myself than I got in the tractor, but oh well. Is anyone else terrified that spilling even an ounce of gasoline is going to cause them to blow up? Like in the movies? I always expect a random spark of fire to come out of nowhere and just POOF. I'm gone. 

PS: Gasoline is a REALLY hard smell to get off your skin, by the way. I ended up using a pumice soap to help scour it off of me last night in the shower. Ugh.

I love mowing though. I think more than I love cooking. Maybe they just lend themselves to each other perfectly? After being inside, around the smells of foods (guys, I made GOOD stuff this week!),  it's so refreshing to go outside, get fresh air, see wildlife, watch the sun go down ... (I got a pretty late start on mowing, it's a good thing that bad boy has great headlights). 

Think Travis will let me keep that chore when he comes home? He can do the inside chores - the laundry, vacuuming, mopping, cleaning the bathrooms ... HAH.

More than anything, I'm super grateful for being incredibly busy. It means I don't have time to sit around and miss him. Because it's at home when I miss him the most. At home is when I'm surrounded by all of his things. This home is the culmination of our lives together. When he's not here, it's like sitting in chair missing a leg. Something isn't right.

Speaking of busy, I have a German Shepherd begging for some serious attention. Time to go play ball.

Have a great week, ya'll!

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