Thursday, October 12, 2017

Three Things Thursday

Thing 1: Being sick is gross. Oh, the blight of being bedridden, coughing so hard I can't breathe, and slowly burying myself alive under a mountain of snot-filled tissues (that my dog loves to eat, by the way).

I'm adding these two supplements (Turkey Tail and Lysene) to my already over-flowing cupboard of bottles in the hopes that the rest of this fall and winter will be a sick-free one. Do you have any supplements or remedies you swear by to avoid getting caught with a cold or the flu? Or how to get over them sooner?

Thing 2: You just need to re-watch your favorite kids movies. Take a lazy Sunday afternoon and dive back into Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead, The Sound of Music, and The Labyrinth. You'll have a new respect and even deeper love for them as an adult (and be slightly amazed at the amount of sexual innuendos that no one seemed to care about back then). If you don't have lazy Sunday afternoons, don't worry. You might get sick soon enough and be forced to have a marathon.

Thing 3: Disconnect more. This week I took my work email ( off of my iPhone. CRAZY idea, right? But listen, here's why.

More and more, this idea of being connected 24/7 appeals to us. But, I think when you run your own business, you risk burn out if you don't learn to define and abide by work hours. Work never stops. It never turns off, you're always "on". It seeps into your home life, your private life, your personal life - and I don't care how committed to your business or profession you are - there have to be boundaries. Balance is something I teach all of my clients about food, about macros. It's why I love flexible dieting - I can have the Oreo cookies, if I make them fit into my macros. It maybe means I can't have jelly AND peanut butter with my morning toast, but I make the compromise. With life, too often we stay SO connected through social media through our phones, that we miss a lot of what's happening right now, in the present. Our devices literally follows us everywhere. I wonder how many people are reading this post from their phones while sitting on the toilet?

This change has made the hours that I dedicate to working incredibly more productive! And it makes time I'm not working so much more enjoyable - I'm "off" completely. Drawing this line has made my stress decrease exponentially, and it makes me excited to get back to work, back to my clients, back to what I love doing - helping people, changing lives, talking about food and fitness - how awesome!

Here's a crazy idea - how about un-plugging completely on Sundays from social media. Even going as far as deleting the Instagram and Facebook app.

How many mindless hours do you spend swiping through Facebook feeds and Instagram stories? Do you feel any better after it? Was that time productive? If it wasn't, replace that time with something that will uplift you, change you, grow you, inspire you, etc. Spend an hour reading. Spend an hour whipping up a new recipe with your husband, best friend, mom, sister. Let's focus on creating quality relationships in real life. Then plug back in on Monday and let us hear all about it. <3

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