Thursday, September 28, 2017

Real Tired

Sometimes a girl just has to get some stuff off of her chest, you know? Here's a list of a few things I'm real tired of. You might be, too.

1. Real tired of this freakishly warm weather. First day of Fall, and you're killing me with 90+ degree temperatures and a humidity index of 9,000, Pennsylvania. But don't worry, as soon as it's cold, I'm going to be real tired of that, too. 

2. Real tired of people coming into CrossFit when they know they're sick, have a bug, are contagious, and aren't really doing anything to keep their communicable germs to themselves. I feel like I need to walk around with Lysol wipes on my hands instead of gymnastics grips. 

3. Real tired of having a bloated, water belly. You know what I'm talking about, because it's SO hot, you're so thirsty, you're chugging water as fast as it's coming out of your pores. By the time the workout is finished, you're writhing around in pain but have to stop because the sloshing in your belly makes you want to vomit a little (but maybe you already did from the WOD).

4. Real tired of fat macros being in everything. I mean, everything has fat in it, and when a girl is trying to count her macros, and they're camouflaged better than a solider in Vietnam, it makes fitting my precious peanut butter into my day near impossible. Can I get an Amen for peanut butter?

5. That brings me Number 5. Real tired of peanut butter having so much fat in it. 

It's Thursday, which means a REST DAY and a re-feed day. ALL THE CARBS. Not real tired of those, that's for sure! 

What are you real tired of?