Wednesday, May 3, 2017

I'd Double Tap That

True story, I never look at Instagram anytime around 9:30am. I try not to look it until at least 10:30am. Why?

It has nothing to do with me trying to live a more productive life (which is why I leave my phone to charge in the living room, and not at my bedside at night), but it has everything to do with my self-esteem.

9:30 is the Instagram power hour. I have no idea how every single elite, strong, fit female posts at this exact-ish time, but they do. My feed overflows with PR's, novel movements, and more fitness than I feel like we see at the CrossFit Games.

I follow a lot of really amazing elite athletes, and a lot of really normal people -- who happen to CrossFit. The "normal" ones are some of my favorite. The girls with day jobs, kids, life stress, bills to pay, but still manage to hit Diane unbroken and string together muscle ups. But you have to be careful. Because this is all you see. Literally, post after post of each individuals highlight reel. You don't see the long nights. The baby throwing up on them. The rest days they took between those PR's. You didn't know that they were an elite gymnast as a kid and a collegiate soccer player that has been lifting weights since high school. No, all you know is that you're not doing what they're doing. You're comparing your Chapter 12 to their Chapter 47.

But it's so easy to get lost in the never-ending swiping; seriously, did everyone PR their squat clean this morning? WTF. Am I the only girl that can't clean 220lbs right now? Oh, now look at this one, she's eating a doughnut. How does she have abs like that? I haven't eaten a doughnut in 2 years. I'm still thicker than a snicker.

A few days ago, I posted a video of our team practicing with a make-shift Worm. It was a COMPLETE disaster. Literally sandbags almost breaking necks, crushing heads, athletes farting, couples yelling. It was REAL LIFE. It was actually just a normal day of training. It's not sunshine and rainbows and "WOW, WE FEEL SO GOOD!" every day. Nope, most of the time it's a mental battle to get through a training session, to keep moving, and honestly just try not to die. But you don't see that anywhere. You see the PR's. You see the flashy new shoes. The podium finish. You see the one lift that they hit perfectly, and not the four they failed just before it. You see the high fives and hear the fun music. You don't see the girl working out alone with the music off.

So please, do yourself a favor, and remember, that behind every PR, are a million failed reps. Behind every fancy movement is hours and hours and hours of practice. And then ask yourself; are you doing your best every day? Then that's all that matters. Your best. You doing what you can with what you have! And that should be WAY cool enough and fancy enough to post up on the interwebs. I'd double tap that.

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  1. IG just makes me feel weak and fat, haha!

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