Sunday, March 26, 2017

But I Don't Want To

Our wedding reception is in less than a week! *Insert dancing emoji*

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In hindsight, I'm really happy that DH and I decided to wait a few months to have our reception. Lord knows, the ceremony was tough for me. The reception should be fun, but I also can't help but be reminded of how broken my family system is. Ceremonious traditions and I have zero in common. And even though tons of people aren't following the traditional wedding structure anymore, it's still glaringly obvious every time we sit down to plan that I don't fit the mold. The reminder is like a flashing neon sign sitting in front of me that someone keeps telling me not to look at. I sit in this bright, neon light, hoping no one notices how f*cked up the whole thing is, praying for it to be over as soon as possible, to turn the light off.

Mother of the bride? None.
Father daughter dance? No.

It took me a long time, a depressingly long amount of time, to come to grips with the fact that I come from a broken family, but that doesn't make me broken. It just makes me cry more readily during Hallmark commercials. (And those dog food ones? They get me every time). And it makes you feel like an alien with an arm coming out of your head when you're trying to plan a wedding.

In good news, one member of my broken little family is making the long voyage from the West Coast to attend, probably one of my favorite humans on Earth. My little brother. *Insert every happy, sappy, heart emoji available.*

So the crates of alcohol are purchased, the Chipotle catering order is in, and the pies for our dessert bar are being HOME made. 5 days to go until party time.

Why this date in March? Because it's the weekend after the end of the 2017 CrossFit Open, duh! If me giving up my last name isn't reason enough to celebrate, then the end of Dave Castro's voodoo definitely is! The Chu Crew is sitting in 14th on the Mid Atlantic Leaderboard as of today. Our scores are due tomorrow night. From there, we just have to let the chips fall where they may. I'm not even going to say wish us luck, luck isn't what we need. We gave it our 110% - and no matter what happens, I am so lucky and grateful to have had this opportunity and to be a part of this team.

So what else is new? In a nutshell:

1. Our home renovations (on the interior) are almost done! If you follow me on Instagram, @PetiteAthleat, you can see a few Before and After's I have posted (they really deserve a blog post all to themselves).

2. I went and test drove a Ford Edge Sport yesterday and kind of fell in love. Mamma wants a new car!

3. I'm officially a Pennsylvania Licensed Driver and my last name is now Donmoyer. I know, it took me way too long to make that change. I blame being neck-deep in home renovations for putting it off. I honestly would rather be painting ceilings than sitting in a line at Social Security or DMV.


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"Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life." -Golda Meir

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  1. I completely understand. I planning a big wedding because my fiance wants it and comes from a big happy family. I do not. My parents have both passed and my family unit kind of fell apart. But I do have great friends and people that love me. And the day is about the bride and the groom and their love and the family they make. Congratulations and try to enjoy it. If nothing else, it's an excuse to party! <3