Wednesday, January 25, 2017

We Bought a Dishwasher! And Other Adult Things

You heard that right! The Donmoyers are the proud owners of a fancy, new piece of kitchen wizardry.

This is like the Rolls Royce of dishwashers. Super quiet. Dual fan blades. 3 racks for all the dishes. Wine stem holders.  But I was sold when I saw that it came with special, extra long bottle spray nozzles in the top rack . No more hand scrubbing my Nalgene's, my glass kombucha bottles, or small mouth protein shakers!

Besides our Ecobee; the touch-screen thermostat that we can control from our smart phones, we don't have a lot of fancy gadgets in our 100 year old farm house. We don't even have cable. Or a home phone. (But does anyone, besides my grandma, have a home phone anymore?)

We scored an awesome sale at Lowe's and with free delivery and Trav's construction handicraft, we are hoping to have it installed this weekend! I say we, but we all know he will be doing everything. I will make him a sandwich and hand him tools.

That means new kitchen projects are underway: painting the kitchen cabinets, doing something with the 1970's laminate counter tops, and painting the laundry room and guest bath. We don't want to do a huge overhaul yet (replace tubs, sinks, appliances, new cabinets) because we plan on doing a full remodel once Trav returns from a 9 month deployment overseas and finishes school.

Yeah. Deployment #5. Due to OPSEC, I can't say anything more than that, but he's going to be gone for almost a year, in a tumultuous area of the Middle East.

He got the phone call about 10am on Saturday morning, on the first day of our vacation in Portland, OR. It literally came down to him and another guy, and his name came first in the alphabet.

Short stick man, short stick.

It's kind of a mess because he's currently in the middle of a two-year apprenticeship program. While he won't lose his spot in the program, he will lose his seniority and his placement at the local shop (right here where we live). This could mean upon graduation, he won't be placed near home, instead he could be placed at a shop an hour or even two hours from home. Meaning we'd sell our house and property and have to move.

And we love this house (as old and dated as it is) and our property. I want to raise a family here. His dad lives next door and his mom is 8 minutes away. I've never had a familial community quite like this and I really can't fathom losing it.

While worrying is like a rocking chair - it gives me something to do but doesn't get me anywhere - I can't help but find myself worrying. I try to just focus on the time that I have right in front of me - with him, in our funky old house in the woods.

Installing our first dishwasher together.

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