Sunday, January 8, 2017

New Year, Same Old Me

It's 2017! In fact, we are eight days into the new year. And I made a resolution this year to blog at least once a week. I despise resolutions, I think people set goals that are generally unrealistic, too hard to maintain, and typically result in being forgotten a few weeks, if not days, into the New Year.

What do I like? Goal setting. I truly love sitting down and reflecting on my past and planning for my future. And to me, THAT is what the New Year is about. Let us not say New Year, New Me! But let us instead say, New Year, Same Me! But let's make a better me. 

How do we do that? By choosing a FEW things that would benefit our lives by adaptation or implementation, and then by creating an action plan to make that happen. Fail to plan, plan to fail.

2017 Goal #1: Blog once a week. 

What will this do to benefit my life? It will increase my relationship with my readers, my clients, allow for self reflection, self actualization and keep me focused on my business - thus increasing my business and my reach via social media.

Why was this hard for me last year? Because I felt that if I wasn't publishing ground breaking, riveting, or incredibly knowledgeable posts, that I shouldn't be cluttering up the internet with my random musings. But, in hindsight, that is EXACTLY why I started a blog, and that is exactly what I should be doing. I don't need a purpose to blog; in fact, sometimes just opening a blank notepad and letting my fingers lead the way leads to the best posts ever.

Action Plan: On Monday's I will brain storm post ideas. Based off of these ideas, I will schedule a time to write it, add media, and set it to post either as soon as I am done, or set it post at a later date, Sunday's are my deadline.

On days that I do post, I also want to include a snippet of my training for the day, since, I originally started blogging to keep me accountable when I was just a runner. Hah, how cute.

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We are on short vacation in Oregon visiting family, so this morning we dropped into Bridgetown CrossFit and Barbell Club. Not before I almost lost my life slipping on the sheet of ice that has become the ground outside. We are currently in a giant winter storm that has left most of Portland in a complete stand still. But off course, we have to fitness (vacation or not) so we jumped into our rental car (a Subaru, of course) and stomped our way into the gym ... wet, slightly snowy, but alive.

First on the docket:

8 front squats, 115/75lbs
8 Bar facing burpees
8 rounds + 1 front squat

Alternating EMOM 20:
Odd: 5 bench press at 115lbs (then 125lbs)
Even: 5 weighted pull-ups, 25lbs

We chose a weight that was challenging but doable for all 10 rounds, I moved up to 125lbs for the last 3 sets and moved to 3 reps. We changed our grip for the pull-ups each minute, overhand, underhand and mixed.

We finished with barbell rollouts - my favorite core exercise! 4 sets of 10. My low back has been lighting up like the 4th of July again. This used to happen to me when I was overseas in Kuwait, my coach put me on a regimen of weighted GHD sit ups, back extensions, heavy Russian swings, and barbell rollouts; and my back pain all but disappeared. I've gotten away from the accessory work since then, but I will be adding it back in.

Tomorrow we visit CrossFit Fort Vancouver, will have a late lunch with some family, and then head out to Yamhill to spend some time with two of my favorite people in the world.

Did you set New Years Resolutions?

My second New Years Resolution I will talk about in my next post. It involves watching every movie Meryl Streep ever starred in. <3 #goldenglobes2017


  1. I had the same writing problem you did last year. If I didn't have some amazing insight or delish new recipe then I didn't write at all. I'm definitely back into writing to keep myself accountable this year, but that isn't my New Year's Resolution.

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