Thursday, September 1, 2016

Kelsie's Success Story

Left: 2/29/16 Right: 6/23/16 👌🏼 From client @kelsalee, "No filters. This is raw & so embarrassing for me to post. Since moving to Salem a little over a year ago, I gained 25lbs, 12lbs of those in just 3 months. I couldn't find a gym that felt like "home," after being apart of one for 8 years. I was struggling mentally & physically. Instead of turning to the gym like I normally would, I turned to my couch, and stayed there . My clothes started to not fit, my scrubs were getting tight, and I HATED looking at myself in the mirror. I woke up one day and thought "fuck this" and I made the change. I joined #physiquefitness that I LOVE, found the amazing #kamikazefamily for all my supplements/proteins & just started working my ass off. I was losing inches, and feeling better, but the scale would only move down 2lbs. After 6 wks on my own, I reached out to @petiteathleat, an old friend, to help me. Since starting on my own I'm down 21lbs & with Courtney, down 19lbs. With 5lbs more to lose, I can say I'm fucking stoked, I feel awesome, I'm eating to fuel my body, I'm drinking beer, and I'm about to make 30 my BITCH. #iifym #petiteathleatnutrition #healthy #oldandfit #nevergiveup #dirtythirty #nutritioncoach #nutrition #flexibledieting #beforeandafter #weightlossjourney #fitness #motivation #fatloss #iifymgirls #macros
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What were your goals initially when starting with Courtney?

My goal when I started with Courtney was to lose the 24lbs I had gained in a year.  I was turning 30 and summer was coming, and I was not about to look and feel the way I did. I wanted my fit body and confidence back. 

What's the best part been?

The best part of flexible dieting is being able to eat chocolate, CARBS, and drink beer and still losing weight. I never had to give up any of my favorite foods. I was able to enjoy my summer BBQs, my favorite Hawaiian food place, and each and every meal guilt free. 

What was the hardest part?

Hardest part of flexible dieting was meal prep. Training yourself to spare a couple of hours, Sunday nights for me, to prep your foods doesn't seem like it would be hard, but there were some nights I literally had to force myself. I wanted to just sit and relax and do nothing, but I also knew I wouldn't reach my goal by doing that, and that I would regret not doing it. Also, getting over the fact that I could attain my goals by eating CARBS!! I struggled at first, and was hesitant, but over timed I learned to LOVE eating carbs.... GIMME ALL THE CARBS!!!

What did you gain from this new lifestyle?

Flexible dieting gave me so much more energy in the gym. Having the right balance of carbs, proteins and fats, fueled by body perfectly to lift heavier, and last longer in gym. Even after a long, busy day at work, I was still energized to get my workout in. Because I fueled my body throughout the day, by the end of my workout I wasn't too hungry. 

What about your goals? Did you reach them? 

I did a total of 16 weeks with courtney, and I totally CRUSHED my goal. When I ended with her I had lost all but 5lbs, but it ended up being more about how I felt and looked then the weight. I had gained so much confidence back and the most exciting thing was being able to FINALLY FIT perfectly into my favorite jeans again. Muscles were becoming defined, and I turned 30 feeling SEXY!! All of that outweighed the number on the scale. 

Will you keep it up?

This lifestyle is soooo sustainable. In the past I'd get on my fitness high horse, eat very little calories, bust my ass in the gym, and after a couple months, I'd be so damn burnt out and exhausted. I can 100% say, as of today, I have not worked with Courtney in 4 weeks and I still meal prep. I still weigh and measure my foods. I still login and use MFP everyday. I still take my progress pics. That's 5 months of flexible dieting. I'm not exhausted. I'm still in the gym 5x week, watching my weight on certain lifts increase. I'm eating so much yummy food, and still drinking beer. I even lost the last 5lbs and hit my goal weight!!

What's next?

My goals now are to continue this lifestyle. To be healthy, both mentally and physically. To keep lifting, and keep watching my body transform. 

Advice to others?

My advice to anyone who is on the fence is to FRICKIN DO IT & DO IT NOW. Anytime is a great time to start. It takes discipline, but if you're serious about your health, and want to be able to eat what your heart desires, and make a total lifestyle change, then this is THE way. Dont live the "quick 21 day fix," or drink nothing but smoothies for weeks, or eat just salad and chicken, and live on the treadmill lifestyle. Learn to love and enjoy your foods, especially CARBS, and learn to live life in a healthier, more manageable lifestyle. Ohhh, and learn to lift weights!!

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