Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Stacey's Results

When Stacey came to me for nutrition coaching, she weighed 143lbs at 30% body fat. After 8 weeks of flexible dieting & nutrition coaching with me, she lost 8lbs, and her new body fat is 23%. She lost over 9 inches from her hips, butt, thighs and waist combined!

What motivated you to reach out to me for help with Flexible Dieting?

I'm a super busy, single Mom of 3, business owner, coach. I've always made meal prep a priority because of limited time. I started looking up things about IIFYM, and flexible dieting, and heard about Courtney from my business partner and coach. I considered myself "fit" and "in decent shape". But really wanted to see if I could take it a step further. I was really tired of eating only this or only that, or only eating at a certain time of day type food plan. Flexible dieting seemed like what I needed.   

What were your goals initially?
Initially my goal was to lean out, get that scale to see 135 again, I was 143 when I started. I see 135 now quite a bit!

Here's a little #mondaymotivation! I hired a nutrition coach for 8 weeks. Just finished week 8, and boy did I learn alot about food and totally changed my relationship with it. Followed the IIFYM plan with @petiteathleat. She did the math and alot of other behind the scene stuff. I did exactly what she told me to. I can't even believe the top row is me and how I changed my total body composition in such a short amount of time. I ate donuts, pizza, drank wine, and enjoyed things I used to call "cheats". Now, I just eat within reason, according to MY macros. In my experience with nutrition, this is the most effective, most realistic way of fueling my body properly. NOT dieting, but eating. Sure, it takes work. But I have one body that I intend to live in, push beyond every boundary and enjoy for alot more awesomeness. I'm done preaching. Time to eat! #iifym #iifymgirls #flexibledieting #petiteathleats #crossfitgirls #countingmacros #eatrealfood #havemycakeandeatittoo
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What surprised you the most?

I can't even believe how my body changed just by eating the right amounts of nutrients! I look in the mirror and cant believe I achieved this with food. Because science. 

Is this a lifestyle you'll continue with?

I will most definitely continue this lifestyle. The hardest part for me, was the scale...water is a tricky thing. I had to be constantly reminded, by Courtney and my signifiant other, that I had to keep my eye on the bigger picture NOT that damn scale. Now, I dont mind getting on it.

What are you most proud of?

Doing the work, walking the talk, following through, and believing in myself. So, many people are asking about IIFYM, I hope I can influence them positively as well. I'm superfreaking busy. If I can do this, anyone can. 

What advice to you have to offer?

My advice to people is, keep your head in the game. Take a bite of that cupcake and move on. It's worth it. When you wanna throw MFP out the closest window, put it down...walk away.. and take a deep breath, REMEMBER WHY you are doing this. YOU are worth it.

What are your goals going forward?
I intend to keep at it. I'm more motivated than ever now. I dont even care that my friends all order appetizers, big fat cheesebugers and fries at dinner while I eat my salad (but have the wine I counted in) because I have goals... Eye on the prize. I want to be just a few pounds lighter, and well, more abs.

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  1. She worked really hard and she is an inspiration for all of the fitness lovers out there. It takes serious dedication and work to achieve what she did.