Friday, March 11, 2016

Spring Cleaning

A few weeks ago, I ordered this neat little book from Amazon by Moorea Seal. Because Amazon is everything. I put my Prime account through some abuse.

It's called The 52 Lists Project, a Year of Weekly Journaling Inspiration. When I read that title I thought, "Yes! Blog inspiration!" It's broken up into seasons. Since it's closer to spring than actual winter, I'm jumping right into List 14. 

List 14: List the Ways You Can Cleanse Your Life for Spring 

I couldn't think of a better list to start with! The future husband is away in Korea for another week, and in his absence I've been cleaning ALL THE THINGS. I actually enjoy cleaning and find it incredibly therapeutic. I also find counting incredibly therapeutic. Counting my steps. Lines on the sidewalk. Reps in my workouts. Counting to 8 when I'm bored in kind of a sing-song voice in my head - I think because of years of dancing. Or because I'm crazy. 

Same same.

Right, back to cleansing. Let's talk about things I've cleaned and organized recently. 

The fridge. I do this on a weekly basis with grocery shopping. Take everything out, wipe it down, organize, pull the old stuff to the front, etc. I like a pretty fridge. 

Food prepping. I do this weekly, too. Chop vegetables. Chop fruits, like pineapples and portion out grapes into baggies. On Thursdays and Sundays I do a decent amount of food prep. Get a chicken going in the crock pot. Make a large batch of cauliflower rice. Cook up some venison meatballs. Throw a spaghetti squash in the oven. I weigh everything out, store it in tupperware and write on the lids with a dry erase marker. Makes logging food and sticking to my macros SO MUCH EASIER. 

The downstairs bathroom. This is Trav's bathroom. It was gross. My hands still smell like bleach. Boys. I use the tub regularly for Epsom salt baths, so gave that a good scrub and hung up a new shower curtain. Good bye, camo hunter deer shower curtain ... 

Re-finishing a dresser. I picked up a sweet old credenza months ago that's been taking up space in the garage over the winter. I had future husband and his brother cart it upstairs (its a bitch to move) before he left so that I could start re-finishing it. I binged on House of Cards over the weekend and it turned out BEAUTIFULLY! It might be my new favorite piece of furniture in the house. I finally have another area for much needed storage. 

Up next: cleaning out the garage! The sun is here! It's time to scrub the stall mats and dust off the barbells in the garage gym. I need to get that place a lot more organized. Like any garage, stuff just kind of accumulates and gets thrown in there. I think a trip to Lowe's is in order for some shelving. 

Organizing the Guest Room. We'll see if I'm up for the challenge of moving our futon from the office downstairs to the guest room upstairs, and finally get that space organized and cleaned up. I have closet doors to finish and hang, too. 

On a personal level: I'm cleansing my body with acupuncture. I just had my third session last night and I have absolutely fallen in love with the practice. Not only is it healing my body, but the mental restoration I feel from it has been profound. 

And that forehead needle? For mental clarity. :)

And to top it off - this kombucha I am drinking right now is definitely cleansing!

What are you cleansing for spring?

Have a happy weekend!

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  1. You got rid of my deer shower curtain?! That's so not fair...