Friday, February 12, 2016

Lanco Games

The final event for the Lanco Open went a little better than I said it would. ;)

The final Open event was two different scored workouts. A 10 minute running clock, the first 5 minutes are a max calorie row, the 2nd 5 minutes were to work up to a 1RM clean and jerk. I went out really easy on the row, treating it more like a warm-up rather than an event I needed to win, and chose instead to focus on the clean and jerk - an event I really wanted to do well in.

Some days I can jerk - but 99% of those days I can't. The Lord was with me that evening, because I managed a whopping half pound PR on my clean and jerk. I made really small, conservative 5 pound jumps, and only had enough time to get up to my old 1RM of 191.5lbs. I can clean 200. I can jerk 195. One day maybe the two will come together, and the goal I've had for over two years of clean and jerking 200 pounds will be a reality!

So, they ended up taking the top 15 athletes in each division and we were invited to compete at the Lanco Games the following weekend. 5 events + a final for the Top 5. The day went super smooth and super fast, and everyone was home in time for the Super Bowl. By super fast, I mean we literally had 40 minutes in between events.

My day looked like this: quick warm-up, compete, 5 minute cool down on the Assault Bike, grab a Fuel for Fire, change my shoes, go cheer on Travis in his heat, bathroom break, then time to warm up again for another event.

I loved the competition, the workouts, the environment! I haven't competed individually since Regionals in 2014 (I know!), it was fun to push my own limits again. The stars aligned and the workouts were in my wheelhouse (no rowing!) and even deficit handstand push ups in the final event (yay!) I was graced with a 1st place podium finish for the women's Rx, along with my amazing fiancé in the Men's Rx, and our fearless CrossFit Gamma leader, Ty, took the Master's Rx win. #GammaStrong, baby!

I'm so grateful for opportunities to gather with the CrossFit community like this. I'm still fairly new to this region and area, and it was so nice to meet and throw down with some strong and inspiring girls from other local affiliates.

I hope I see some of them again this weekend! Travis and I are competing tomorrow at Cupid's Revenge. I say that with a smile, because I'm still barely recovered from five days ago ... Woof.

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