Monday, February 15, 2016

Back to Back

I survived back to back weekends of competition and CrossFit Gamma earned first place podiums again yesterday in all of the divisions! As our Coach Ryan says, "If Gamma keeps sweeping like this, we're going to need a bigger broom."

I might be in a walker for the next week, and need help taking my bra on and off (really, my shoulders are blown up), but it was worth every second of pain.

I don't mean to wax philosophic, but maybe one day there will be a competition where you show up, do the prescribed workouts, and if you're in first place at the end of the day or the weekend - that's it. You win! I feel announcing a Final WOD for the Top 5 is almost ... evil. It's like a giant middle finger. You're beat up, "but let us crush you just a little bit more & really showcase that fitness with this last and final WOD because the five prior didn't quite do it."

Over a 125 teams from Pennsylvania and beyond converted at Spooky Nook Sports Sports Complex for Cupid's Revenge IV yesterday. This is one of the coolest venues I've seen for a CrossFit competition - so much room for actives! They have a hotel attached, restaurants, bar, and over 14 acres of sports playgrounds including an ice arena, soccer stadium and rock climbing.

As soon as we finished taking our photo on the top of that podium, I was at the bar drinking a beer. Victory Golden Money, to be exact. It was the end to a perfect day competing alongside my hunky, strong, man and my friends and Gamma family!

Those studs to the left took 1st place Scaled, the studs in the middle competed in the Final with us and took 4th in Rx, and then Trav and I on the right finished 1st Rx. So much fitness! So much fun.

Two weeks of competition back to back. Two 1st place finishes. One beat up body. One happy camper.

So what's next? The Open! This will be my third year competing in the Open. Every year for the last three years I've been in a different Region. In 2014 I was in Asia Region, (I finished 11th) in 2015 I was in the East Region (129th) and in 2016 I will be in the Mid-Atlantic ... Hoping to have even more fun than the previous two years! 

Are you competing in the Open this year? What are you hoping Castro pulls out of his hat? I love me some handstand pushups, strict would be even better! 

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant. —Robert Louis Stevenson


  1. I'm still waiting to sign up, but lets be real I'm back for year 3, competing in the Mid-Atlantic region as well. You won't see my name anywhere at the top. I'm training towards our gyms team competition in May! I'm wondering if bar muscle ups will make an appearance in 2016?!

  2. I love all your crossfit-related posts. Your progress in just a few short years is amazing!