Sunday, December 6, 2015

Scaling Life

Tequila and red wine and Fireball whiskey do not mix. True story. My old ass woke up feeling like a prune today.

Last night was a great night. We went ice skating and played hockey with our CrossFit Gamma family. I didn't fall once. I was prepared to though. I wore my favorite, extra-stretchy ripped jeans. Just in case I did fall. Into the splits. You can't get upset about ripping your jeans when they're pre-ripped. 

We had a few people over afterwards to get toasty next to a roaring fire in our backyard. A few things happened. 

1. Elliott ate an entire chicken bone whole. He's a fast little shit. I spent the whole night preparing for his imminent death. And was relieved when I saw he pooped it out today. On our living room floor. Right next to the Christmas tree. He thinks that's the new "outside."

2. We played the best and the absolute worst drinking game known to man. Tear up small pieces of paper. Everyone writes something obscene down on their sheet of paper, folds it up, and throws it into a hat. The hat is passed around and you draw a piece of paper (can't draw your own), and you must read what's written on the paper out loud without laughing. It's that simple. And that hard. When you laugh, you drink. 

We're an immature bunch, so of course we laughed a lot and drank even more. 

Training today was kind of terrible. Because of the massive headache and my stupid elbow. I'm scaling everything. If it involves flexion or extension of my left arm - it's out.

Here's what I did today:

a) Back Squats
Every 2 minutes for 16 minutes (8 sets)
3 reps @ 85% (215lb)

b) Good Mornings
10 x 55lb
10 x 65lb
10 x 75lb

c) EMOM 15:
Min 1: 12 GHD Sit Ups
Min 2: 50 unbroken double unders
Min 3: 16 alternating pistol squats 

d) Cash out: Accumulate 50 perfect hollow rocks 

I've been begging Travis to massage it all day. I don't know if it's golfers elbow, tennis elbow, tight biceps, weak triceps, my wrist extensors ... I know that it flared up really bad after painting the entire upstairs with a roller, by myself. We are talking 4-6 hours a day for 3 weeks (painting wood paneling is for the birds). I also know that my arms used to blow up really bad when I was in Kuwait first practicing legless rope climbs, too. It's become especially painful to muscle up: catching in a dip and to receive a heavy clean or to hold anything heavy in the front rack. Locking it out for a snatch or clean and jerk is pretty gruesome, too. 

First it was my right shoulder. Now it's my left elbow. 

Seriously, Clark?

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