Thursday, October 1, 2015

What's in my Fridge

Because sometimes I like to put on human clothes and act like a lady, Future Husband and I had a date night last night. Dinner at Trøegs Brewery and a movie, The Intern. 

Because their beer is just so delicious, and because I want to #drinkallthebeer, I drank their seasonal sampler and neatly ate housed the Lamb Burger.

It was delicious. Obviously. 

Go see this movie! If you loved the Devil Wears Prada and Meet the Parents, you will love this. I felt so good leaving the theatre. It could be that I was full of lamb burger and beer and holding the hand of my beloved, but alas.

Today I was busy with - you'll never guess - more painting, and a quick mid-week grocery stop.

Want to peak into my fridge? I find it very revealing. 

On an average day, you'll see a little more food prepped in here. But for once, it wasn't lined with plastic containers and actually looked clean. Almost nice enough to photograph. 

On the top shelf: Tribe Hummus, Chobani for Travis (the new pumpkin flavor looks awesome), So Delicious creamer, egg beaters and egg whites, water. 

In the top drawer: Deer Sticks (made by Trav), and sliced lactose-free swiss cheese from Country View.

Pumpkin Bagels (Travis), Mission Corn Tortillas, Barlean's Omega Swirl fish oil, more coffee creamer, green grapes, jug of water for Travis.

In the bac in the blue tupperware are Bacon Ends and Pieces from Trader Joes, in the front tupperwares is chopped up ham for the dogs (in big and little pieces for one small mouth and one large mouth ;), Simply 100 Chobani yogurt for me, and a container of prepped brown rice.

Bottom shelf: Eggs from Trav's dad, chicken thighs for later this week, and chicken breasts marinating above it. In the back: jars of pickles, garlic, homemade salsa, and of course lots of VitaCoco.

In the crisper drawer: sweet potatoes, a cooked spaghetti squash, lemon, and assorted dark chocolates for my ravage sweet tooth.

Kale, carrots, lettuce, zucchini, random pepper.

Almond milk for Travis, Almond Breeze for me. Beer. Duh.

And of course, all the random condiments. 

Please note a few of my favorites: Sriracha Mayo and of course, Sriracha. 

1. What's in your fridge?
2. Last movie you saw?
3. Favorite beer?


  1. Your fridge is so organized, haha impressive

  2. I love seeing other people's fridges! Mine is always so packed (3 boys + a husband) so I'm jealous of people with neat and organized fridges.

  3. I live in a share house so god knows what's in my fridge on any given day. Thankfully we do have a fairly small fridge so it does force us to actually use what is in there (or throw it out if it's wasting space).
    Last movie was Paper Towns.
    Fave beer is probably a Corona.

  4. Just checking out your blog don't mind me haha. You are an amazing athlete and I've enjoyed looking through your IG and blog!
    1-A little of everything! We have 3 kids so lots of snacks! Eggs, mini sweet peppers, almond milk, milk, leftover turkey and coconut cream pie (should prob throw this out haha), almost empty box of wine ����, lots of yogurt and plain Greek for me, whitetail back straps, crockpot steel-cut oats with apples, waffles, lunch meat, cheese, pickles, the list is endless...
    2-Has been awhile! Probably Hotel Transylvania 2
    3-yes, just yes! Not a big fan of dark beer, I do like a good Hefe!