Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Dunce Cap

1. I sometimes wish I could change the name of my blog. Because you know, things change. I'm no longer as petite as I was when I started this thing (zero thigh gap) and I also don't only post recipes anymore (there are people with way better ones out there). So, I feel like there are just more suitable names now. Perhaps Squats and Tacos or Burritos and Barbells.  Please no one steal those, if I knew anything about anything, I'd figure out how to do that, or maybe will pay someone to do it for me one day.

He does squats.

2. Google banned me from AdSense for a month, and I honestly have no idea why. Has anyone else ever dealt with this? Not that I make any money from ads, but I feel like I'm sitting in the corner with a dunce cap on, and I don't even know what I did wrong.

3. Planning a wedding is fun. Until you actually have to start planning a wedding. The daydreaming part is fun. Like dreaming about what kind of wedding cake I want. And what my dress will look like. And the honeymoon. But then there's the headache of the price tag. And the guest list. I wanted a small wedding. But Travis has a huge family. His family is on the East Coast. Mine is on the West.

And now I literally have a headache, so I will avoid anything wedding for at least another two weeks.

We did get engagement photos done, because those ARE fun!

4. Our closet turned bathroom is almost complete. Just look at this! Travis brought these hooks home from a job site, we painted them and mounted them on this amazing piece of old barn wood he salvaged. These mason jars? Discovered in a basement of a 100 year old barn. I LOVE how it's all coming together. We have just two projects left: hanging shelves above the toilet and framing out the mirror.

5. I have another huge project I'm tackling right now: painting the upstairs. We are kind of on a time crunch, too, because we are getting new carpet installed in the next few weeks. The thing is - it's dark brown wood paneling. Ugh. Just ugh. This is just the primer. 

I was painting everything with a tiny brush to get into the small grooves of the paneling, and it was so painstaking. The red trim requires 3 to 4 coats of primer, and the walls are requiring 2 to 3. It's a BEACH. Thankfully, I posted a photo on Instagram, and I got a few responses from folks telling me to use a high nap lambs wool roller. I ran to Lowe's, desperate to try anything that would move this project along - and YES! It's been a life saver. 

I'm pretty sure I'll be picking white paint out of my hair for the next few months, but it's all worth it, in the end. One room almost done. Two more and a hallway to go. Woof.

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  1. I have your followed you blog since Jan 2012 and love the evolution of your journey! Keep up the inspiring work!

    I am also planning a wedding (Jan 2016) and the stress of it!! I only wanted a small one as well but its getting bigger by the day. Good luck with planning :)

    I look forward to reading all about it (and seeing all instagram updates!)

    Instagram: @staceismint