Tuesday, August 25, 2015

I'm Getting Old

I'm getting old. Like, I'm really getting old. 

So, to help my shoulder, the PT I've been working with suggested I just stay the heck out of the gym for about a week. I was starting to get all sorts of other weird pains in my elbow and ankles, because I was over-compensating for my shoulder.

I have the joints of a 60 year old. 

I didn't veg around on the couch for a week as much as I wanted to in a sad depression (not only was I injured, I had my 28th birthday last week), I walked, and worked on home renovation projects, and organized the attic, and played tennis with the dogs, and did some soft tissue work and hit a ROMWOD or two. I also really decided to clean up my diet and take my personal meal planning more seriously. 

So yay, yesterday was Monday. Time to get back into the gym .... for the first time in a week, my shoulder was 95% pain free. I modify everything still, but I incorporated a tiny bit of overhead stability work with light dumb bells and bands. Man, lemme tell yah, that crap is boring. But it's necessary. It's progress, more importantly. 

I felt like bambi. Nothing on my body wanted to work. I had to squat heavy - THAT WAS LAUGHABLE. I couldn't get past 90% on my back squat. And then I had to do a grueling EMOM at 80%. I literally thought I might be dying. 

I'm sore this morning. Not just my legs, but my entire core. My abs, my obliques. I didn't do a single sit up. I just squatted some heavy weights. That's real core work. 

One day closer to a healthy shoulder! Many more squats in my future.

I may not be able to use my shoulders, but luckily a lot of you still can! One of my clients got a massive PR on dips - no more bands!

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