Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I'm Engaged!

Did you all the hear the news? 

Judging by the 400+ likes on Instagram, I'm thinking word has gotten around. Thank you all for the love! It was a beautiful proposal. Even though I was hungover, sleep-deprived, and practically sitting in bird poop. 

Alas ... 

Here are all the juicy bits.

We spent the last week in Canada on a family vacation in Quebec, near Montreal. In a little village called Gore on Lake Echo. It was a beautiful, huge and spacious house on a scenic private lake. No motor boats allowed. Just kayaking, canoeing, sailing, some fishing. More on fishing later ...

I had never been to Canada, but Quebec is very French and that is just how I'd imagined it. Quaint shops, a slight language barrier, thick accents, a slower pace, hearty food, and bubbly, malt-filled beers. 

It was relaxing. We passed the week sunbathing, drinking, riding paddle boats, doing CrossFit (duh, do you know me?), cooking, drinking, reading, sightseeing, playing board games, and did I already say drinking?

Perfect vacation. Made even more perfect on our last morning there, when Travis and I woke up early to go fishing.

I hadn't been fishing in years! (Ironic, since my little brother makes his living as a fly fishing guide in Eastern Oregon). So, I needed a solid refresher course. Even walking down to the lake, I was getting my fishing pole stuck in trees (he had his work cut out for him).

So of course, I thought nothing of it when he loaded all of our things into the canoe, and said we needed to paddle out to a floating dock in the middle of the lake to practice casting. Makes total sense.

It was a beautiful morning. A blue heron was sitting on the dock for us as we approached. They're stunning and so majestic. He left us a nice, steamy pile of watery bird poop on his departure. 

Having drank way too much of a vicious, pineapple rum concoction the night prior, I laid down on the dock to nurse my headache as he unloaded our poles for casting practice.

"Oh no, you can't cast sitting down, you need to stand up," he said.

Odd, I thought, as I came to my feet. Aren't we going to be fishing from the canoe? Do we have to stand up in the canoe when we're fishing to cast? I imagined myself teeter-tottering into the lake, unable to balance, Travis rescuing me, disappointed at my apparent lack of fishing finesse. 

Lost in my thoughts of drowning, I suddenly noticed Travis down on his knee. Looking up at me with those ridiculously beautiful blue eyes. He took my hand in his.

And then I kind of blacked out. My ears were still working though. I heard words like, "Love you forever," "you complete me," "there's no other woman I can imagine spending my life with," and all of those classic Hallmark card words that normally don't mean anything that suddenly mean EVERYTHING. 

This man is choosing me. 


This incredible human being wants me. He wants me forever. That is the scariest and hugest commitment another human being can make to another human being. 

And then I saw the ring and I REALLY almost blacked out. 

He slipped it on my finger, and suddenly, I was on a cloud. I was floating on a cloud of "Holy shit, I just said yes," to "Oh my goodness, I'm getting married," to "This beautiful man is going to be my husband!?"

 It's different when you're just a girlfriend. And you're not actually thinking about marriage at all or a proposal anywhere in your near future. You live life selfishly: my needs, my wants. 

When people asked if I was surprised: YES. I was so preoccupied living my life ...  

But soon it's our life. 

It's not me, it's we

It's not his and hers, it's ours. 

I love it. It's a little terrifying. But, I love it. 

So, he taught me how to cast after we got back into the canoe. After laughing at me about doing it from a floating dock. I wasn't sure how well I'd do fishing. I caught my lure a few times in trees, and got my line stuck in weeds in the lake, but I also caught some decent small and large mouth bass, and almost brought in two huge ones that ending up snapping my line. I could swear they were sharks, but he ensures me they were just big bass ... 

Here's to the keepers.


  1. Congratulations!!! How exciting! :)

  2. Congrats! Wishing you every happiness!

  3. Congrats! Beautiful ring.
    I'm glad you enjoyed Canada. If you ever get the chance to spend time in Montreal it's a pretty amazing place

  4. Followed your journey a long time....very happy for you and your future. Congrats. :)

  5. Congratulations!!! So very happy for you and your fiancé! Wishing you world of happiness!!

  6. Congrats!!!!!!!:) So happy for you<3

  7. Congratulations! Best wishes on the next chapter in life!

  8. Courtney, I am sooooo excited for you! I've been reading your blog for years, and am a fellow crossfitter who also met my boyfriend at crossfit! I'm just so happy for you two... Damn good looking couple! :) congrats!!! (I also do wedding branding and design if you need save the dates, invites, etc!)