Friday, August 21, 2015

28 Numbers

I always do this. Because I just love milestones. They are an awesome opportunity for reflection. And it's always fun to look back on posts like this. I enjoyed reading my post from my 27th birthday

In honor of my 28 years on this incredible Earth, I've decided to honor the numbers of my life. 

One - the number of children I want to have, one day.

Two - the number of cups of coffee I had this morning.

Three - the number of dogs I'd like to have.

Four - the number of drinks I had for my birthday yesterday. Two glasses of wine and two Jameson and Gingers.

Five - the number of hours I used to commute one way (for almost 8 months) to see Travis while we were dating long distance.

Six - the number of countries I've visited and or/lived in outside the United States.

Seven - the number of professional certifications I have in my field of fitness and nutrition

Eight - the number of kisses Elliott has given me already this morning.

Nine - the number of times I've had to fish his toy out from under the couch already this morning.

Ten - the total number of shorts I just got rid of because they don't fit anymore. Damn these thunder thighs.

Eleven - the number of dresses I tried on in one store that didn't fit.

Twelve - the hour in which I always try to fall asleep by.

Thirteen - hours I used to drive from Oregon to California when I was younger to visit my family.

Fourteen - hundred dollars I spent on my first car, an old, red Volkswagen Jetta. She had awesome Hawaiian flower seat covers.

Fifteen - hundred dollars I spent shipping my Subaru from Oregon to Pennsylvania. I bought the car in Oregon because I wanted to plan a road trip across the country. I bought a plane ticket instead and shipped the car. 

Sixteen - The number of Lululemon bras I own.

Seventeen - how old I was when I I moved out of the house, out on my own.

Eighteen - the number addresses I've had in my lifetime. I move a lot.

Nineteen - CrossFit gyms I've dropped in to/trained at.

Twenty - minutes I like to soak in an Epsom salt bath after hard days of training. 

Twenty One - the year I started running. I gave up smoking cigarettes and decided I needed to get my shit life together. I could barely run for a minute without stopping and wheezing. 

Twenty Two - how old I was when I got married the first time

Twenty Three - how old I was when I started CrossFit. 

Twenty Four - times a day I think about how handsome my fiancĂ© is. 

Twenty Five - the number of races I've run, from 5k's to Half Marathons. 

Twenty Six - how old I was when I competed as an Individual at CrossFit Regionals. 

Twenty Seven - pounds I've put on my clean and jerk in one year. 

Twenty Eight - days I've been resting my shoulder. Hoping for a speedy recovery.