Monday, June 15, 2015

Pr's & Burger Babies

You know those moments when you're feeling pretty good about yourself?

Right now is not one of those moments. After a strength session this morning, I thought flushing my legs would be a good idea, you know, to help get some of the weekends soreness out of these tree trunk legs of mine ... so I went to a Spin Class.

Nothing like a grandma kicking your ass during a 45 minute spin class to bring you back down to Earth.

Besides feeling like a big blob afterwards, it was really nice. I haven't been to Spin since before I moved to Kuwait. And if you're a long time reader, you know how much I loved me some Spin.

This weekend was a happy one. :)

We drove up to Connecticut on Friday afternoon for a competition on Saturday, the Totally 80's Crippler hosted by CrossFit Swarm.

The competition was well run. Great music, great venue, on-time, and great sportsmanship from all competitors. The judging was a bit messy, but maybe I have too high of standards since Judging at Regionals?

This competition was so memorable to me because I was throwing down with my old training partners from Land Warrior. We've all grown a lot as athletes since meeting last September; needless to say, testing our fitness against each other was a blast. I was honored to be competing with my partner, too, because it was his first CrossFit competition.

I didn't want to let him down, I was scrapping for a podium finish.

And we took it. 1st place. The highlight of the weekend was definitely my 191 pound clean and jerk PR and winning by 1 rep in the Final Event ... woof!

It was so nice to see all of my old athletes, and to be there not as their Head Coach, but as just another athlete, throwing down with them, enjoying the suck, asking for back rubs, going for coffee orders, and taking naps in the shade.

On Sunday, after a long ride home from Connecticut Saturday night, we ventured to Philadelphia for the Philly Burger Brawl. So many firsts for me! First time in Philly, first time taking an Uber, and first time being a mother. To an ornery, red meat burger baby.

I think he wanted to throw up a little.
Good times, good times ...


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