Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Dust Settles. People Should't

Change is in the works. 

Big things a'coming. 

And no, I don't mean my quads.

In times like this, I like to reflect on the last few years and some of the huge changes I've gone through and how I've grown into the woman I am at this very moment. I've learned to have the courage to stand on my own two feet, to believe in myself and to be self-reliant. I'm grateful for every change, everything I've learned at various stages of my life, and every choice I've ever made. Some things don't always work out as we would like them to, but I do believe everything happens for a reason. 

In 2013 ....
I ended my almost 4-year marriage.
In September, I moved to Kuwait to take a year-long position coaching CrossFit on a military base.

In 2014 ...
While working overseas, I competed as an Individual at CrossFit Regionals in South Korea.
I finished my contract in Kuwait, and came back to the US to take a position as Head Coach at a CrossFit affiliate in Connecticut, never having lived on the East Coast before. 

In 2015 ... 
I'm closing the door to my current position as head coach, to pursue new opportunities and to take my relationship (with a pretty awesome man) a little more seriously. 

Next chapter: Pennsylvania bound!


  1. So happy for you! I've followed your journey and really connected to you when you were getting divorced around the same time I was. I finally feel like I'm where I'm supposed to be too. :-)

  2. Welcome to PA! :)