Friday, February 6, 2015

The Bar on my Back

I'm really sucking at this Gratitude Journal! 

Today I am grateful for
1. A wonderful night of sleep, waking feeling rested
2. That Elliott learned how to use his potty pad inside - it's freaking cold outside, and taking a dog outside who doesn't like the cold ... 
3. Coffee. Should we set up an IV?

What would make today great?
1. A breakthrough on my muscle ups
2. My Nike Romaleo II's being delivered
3. Feeling confident back squatting for max reps at 90% today. Because seriously. I HATE the back squat.

But wait, this is supposed to be a positivity journal. So, I am working on discovering my love of the back squat. Let's hope I discover it today.



  1. You are capable of doing way more awesome stuff in the gym than I am at this point, but I love the basics of the back squat. That and dead lift are my favorite. But I'm also not moving as much weight as you. :)
    It's never cold enough in Florida to employ the pee pad for my crazy pups. :) Thank goodness. They'd probably make me go walking anyway.
    Have a super Friday. I've really been liking your IG posts - lots of great gym motivation. Keep it up! AmyD (amydhd on IG)

  2. Keep up the hard work