Saturday, February 7, 2015

Mental Strength

Today I am grateful for
1. Pain relievers during that time of the month ...
2. Coffee ... for those nights you don't sleep very much.
3. My Nike Romeo's II - they came in yesterday and they are mind blowing!
4. CrossFit ... the strength it's given me mentally.
5. Bar Muscle Ups <3
6. It's snowing. It's pretty.

What would make today great?
1. Getting my curtains hung. It will take a miracle.
2. PR'ing 14.4 (last year I didn't have muscle ups)
3. Having a conversation with someone I love


  1. Hi Courtney! I'm going to make the upgrade from my Reebok lifters to Romaleos as many sizes down in the men's sizing did you order? 1 or 1.5 sizes down? Thanks!

  2. You need to write more often. I check your blog faithfully everyday. And I only get to read one time in past three weeks. You have a loyal following. Please blog once a week we count on you for inspiration.