Thursday, December 4, 2014

6 Words Per Photo

I can dress like a human!

Or like I normally do, word.

I'm sponsored! Thanks Ace Athletic Apparel

I do not use "clean" creamers.

This is the best feeling, ever.

Housekeeping = positive benefit of hotel living

Post-Thanksgiving Advocare 10 Day Cleanse

Dressed to impress at the movies

Not sure what the dream is ... 

But I'm still grinding every day.

How do you take your coffee?
Last movie you saw in theaters?


  1. Decaf (I know that's a sin to coffee drinkers but caffeine makes me sick!) and Gone Girl. :)

  2. you look great no matter what you wear girl!

  3. Coffee: protein powder, a dash of almond milk and a but of stevia
    Movie: This is where I leave you

    Miss your blogs,
    Sharon B

  4. I love my black coffee and i just saw an indie movie called BirdMan was pretty good. Question for you, when you do the 10 day cleanse are you able to still have enough energy to do your cross fit workouts?

  5. ever since i started advocare i take my coffee black--if i'm feeling like i need it i'll throw a little stevia in there.
    i'm seeing american sniper this weekend and i'm incredibly excited about it.

    ive been following your journey and it inspires me. i got my L1 in september and have big dreams of opening my own box someday. i'm moving to an area that doenst have one and i'm hoping in the next couple years i can make it happen. keep inspiring people!