Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Daaamn, It Feels Good

I'm on vacation. For realz now.

And daaaaaamn, it feels good. 

It's been pretty crazy since I got home from Kuwait. A good crazy, but busy! Just go, go, go. I spent the weekend in Orlando cheering on friends from Kuwait at the Disney Fit Challenge.

CrossFit Kings Point!

But right now I'm in PA. It's peaceful, quiet, and calm. My belly is full from a hearty breakfast made for me by a hunky, half clothed man, and my body is recovering with some tasty coconut water after a brutal (but awesome) workout in the garage gym this morning. 

I'm in the middle of the country. It's quiet. The birds are chirping. My favorite country music station is playing on Spotify.

I went from Oregon to Connecticut to Florida to Pennsylvania. This is the last leg before I head home again, but just for a week, then I'm back on the road. This time, for my final destination ... Nope, not telling where I'm resting my hat yet. ;)

I am a happy, happy girl. 

October Goals

String together 5 muscle ups 
my current best is 4, with 3 being a little more consistent
Get more consistent with bar muscle ups
Sometimes I can do them, sometimes I can't. SO ANNOYING.
Register for a competition 
Since I wet the competition whistle at Regionals this year, I haven't done anything since. I need to get better on the competition platform. 
Continue KILLING my ankle dorsiflexion and mobilizing my tight hip flexors and psoas.
all things that lead to the #gainztrain. 


  1. Good to see you so happy! Welcome home...where ever that ends up being!

  2. Great goal list! Would *luv* to see what your specific mobility drills for ankles, hips, and psoas are :)

  3. Great Goals! I am sure you will rock them!