Monday, August 4, 2014

Thick & Delicious

Remember when I told you last week I drank a Kill Cliff, and later that night had some crazy violent dreams?

Well, they're still happening. And no, I'm not drinking Kill Cliff.

I had another dream last night, it was a Maury show gone so, so wrong. Fists flying, handfuls of hair everywhere, kicking, screaming. I don't remember much else about that dream (who, why, where), but I remember feeling really strange when I woke up ... Kind of concerned, a little worried that I was maybe turning into a blonde, female version of Dexter ...

But no, I'm not turning into a murderer and it's not the Kill Cliff; it's actually stuff in my life that's making me mad. Situations that are out of my control. And apparently I'm duking it out in my dreams. Hey, at least it's legal in my dreams. (And I always win!) It's funny how the brain works and responds to stress that isn't properly dealt with (aka IGNORED) in real life ... 

With any big life change (moving back to the United States next month), comes turmoil. I'm trying to sail the seas as smoothly as I can while keep it relatively stress and drama free.

In times of turmoil, craziness and uncertainty, I can alway fall back on keeping CONTROL of my diet and exercise though. Today we kicked off the 24-Day Challenge, so far, so good!

I couldn't believe how delicious the Peaches & Cream Fiber drink tasted. A few friends had warned me that it can be a little weird at first ... so I was nervous. But, it tasted like a peach smoothie. Thick and delicious. I actually look forward to drinking it tomorrow. So there is another flavor, Citrus, that a few friends on the Challenge with me right now have, and they reported today that it tastes gross. 

Hmmmmm. We're going to trade packets so I can assess for myself. 

Breakfast was a beautiful 3 block Zone affair, totally set the tone for the rest of the day of clean and blocked-out meals.

Because we are eating really clean during the Challenge though, we decided to have a bit of a splurge last night. I went with cheesecake and enough pralines and cream ice cream to satisfy a small elephant. 

T'was delightful. And worth every pimple that will probably pop up in the next 2 or 3 days thanks to the dump truck of lactose to my system.

A shot from the 31 Heroes Event we hosted at CrossFit Arifjan this weekend.

1. What does your ultimate cheat meal consist of?
2. Do you ever have bad dreams? Of a certain theme?


  1. You, lady, are beautiful! Inside and out! And in your dreams :) Best wishes on the stress-busting and so glad you'll be reunited with your puppy soon!

  2. mix the citrus fiber drink with orange juice! It makes a world of difference.

  3. Have you done the 24 day challenge before? I've seen a couple people putting it up lately, just wondering about it.

    1. I haven't, but, I'm 9 Days in, and DANG. I wish I had done this sooner! I have discovered some new supplements I won't be able to live without now, and I look good, feel better. Can't wait to see my results at the end.

  4. My junior year of college I had a really bad roommate situation and also experienced really crazy dreams! It almost made me not want to sleep; I was even having them when I napped. As soon as I was able to remove myself from the situation, they stopped. Keep staying strong!! You're almost home! :)