Saturday, July 26, 2014

Just Hold On, We're Going Home

Not to quote Drake, but I'm gonna quote Drake ...

"Just hold on, we're going home ..."

Yep, this girl is going home.

Not just for vacation ... but for good! 

My one year contract is up in September. I can't say when exactly (OPSEC), but it's soon. 

I am so, so, so ready to be home in the beautiful United States. I am so blessed to have had this opportunity the last year. I've grown exponentially has a person, an athlete, and a coach. It's been amazing, I don't regret it for a second. But, it's time to go.

I will miss everything that I did here with CrossFit Arifjan: working with and training alongside our US servicemen and women, but I will not miss the politics of contracting or working for the people that I worked for. 

I will not miss working underneath someone who referred to me as the Military's "flavor of the week."

Knowing that it's all coming to an end soon ... knowing I'll be reunited with my dog, my family, breathing the beautiful fresh air in Oregon ... I have a smile on my face that nothing has been able to fade. When one door closes, a hundred new doors open. I can't wait to begin my next chapter!

PLUS! I have a group of seven awesome friends who signed up do to the 24 Day Challenge with me here in Kuwait starting August 1st, and a handful of fellow blog readers who are on board, too! (We originally wanted to do the 28th, but the mail system here in the middle of the desert is uber slow). 

If you are doing the 24 Day Challenge with me, please shoot me an email at! I have some additional tools and tips for ya to help make the Challenge an UBER success. Plus, I am here to keep you accountable! If you are on the fence, you can still grab yourself some product here, and join us! I can't WAIT to see my results. JUST IN TIME FOR MY HOMECOMING! 

Have you you guys been watching the CrossFit Games? The time difference here means I've been sacrificing some sleep ... but so worth it! Who are you cheering for? Who are your favorites?

Our set up is pretty ghetto, but we have it streaming from the box via the website. 

I am a huge fan of Lauren Brooks, Pip Malone, CLB, Julie Foucher and of course, Lauren Fischer. 
For the men, I'm cheering on Dan Bailey, Jason Khalipa, Chris Spealler, and Eric Carmody (of the Asia Region, it was awesome competing with him at Regionals!)

For the first time in my life, I was really cheering on Rich Froning! 
Who ever though he'd be the underdog?


  1. Hard to believe you've been in Kuwait for a year:) So happy you will be with your family soon!

  2. so exciting that you're coming home!! OPSEC is a pain in the ass. i want to know when my man is coming home (i think he's in kandahar) but he can't tell me a damn thing.
    i want to be an advocare distributor as i swear by their product. try SleepWorks if you haven't yet--it's a game changer!

  3. you HAVE to film your homecoming with your pup! too cute