Thursday, July 17, 2014


This could only mean one thing ...

 It's my day off!

And dang, does my body need it. Last week we re-tested my CrossFit Total, so far I've added 30 pounds to it! 10 pounds to my back squat (235), 10 pounds to my deadlift (285) and 10 pounds to my strict press (105). Since it was a test week, it was relatively light. My coach warned me not to get too comfortable though, because we'd be hitting it hard the remaining 6 weeks.

Guys, he wasn't kidding. I feel like I was eaten by a hippo, regurgitated, sat on by a bear, run over by a freight train, and then left out to turn into jerky by this blasphemous Kuwait desert heat.

Do you follow me on Instragram? @petiteathleat. Do it.

I've been posting all of my videos there. PROUD OF THOSE PR's, BABY. 
I'm slaving for them, literally. 

I've been getting a little bit of help grinding through everything with these bad boys ...

And these bad boys!

WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL OF MY LIFE? And more importantly, why didn't I have it during the 50's event at Regionals? I can only describe it as having HUGE lungs. My muscles failed me well before I felt out of breath. Talk about 3-2-1- GO all. day. long.

And then enter Spark.

You all know I don't take pre-workout. I recently tested drinking a quad-Americano a couple of times while working out, but I was getting so shaky and some serious cotton mouth, I don't think I could do it all the time. And no shit, Starbucks is an EXPENSIVE daily habit. 

I'd never given Advocare a real thought, mainly because I've never been a huge fan of supplements, and because well, it seemed kind of dorky. Then this culmination of things happened.

Rich Froning endorses it. Hello. (And no, he doesn't get paid to, either.)

 Lisa Bender Thiel (who INSPIRED me to try CrossFit way back in 2011, when I saw her competing at the South Central Regionals in Texas) wrote this blog post.

The final straw, when I tried the products. My friend Drew, a CrossFit coach and athlete, shared O2 Gold and Spark with me. And even though I was sore and tired and skeptical of the stuff, it honestly resulted in some of the strongest training I've had in a while. 

Now, my 27th birthday is coming up. And I want it to be really momentous (just wait until you see the party/WOD I have planned at the box :)

This has been the most INCREDIBLE and life changing year for me, and I want to finish it with a bang. I want to feel and look the strongest, leanest, healthiest I ever have. 

I was going to try another 30 Day Paleo Challenge (even though I fail miserably at them) to hopefully chisel in some of those abs I can only create using Instagram filters ... but then, another thought struck me.

I'm pumped. I have a friend that went through it recently, he's a CrossFitter and a solid athlete, and the guy chiseled out like whoa. But, even if there were no sexy results at the end, I would still do the Challenge for a few reasons:

The meal replacements shakes are almost a perfect 3 block meal. And they offer a lactose-free option. (Yay, happy skin!) If you guys haven't noticed, I have stopped posting a lot of meals and recipes, because I don't have time to cook anymore. Meal Prep has totally gone out the window. I skip meals a lot ... more often than I like to admit, and then resort to eating at the DFAC. Army food is NO BUENO, people. Or I result to eating a Quest bar with almond butter for dinner.

As someone who ate Zone almost religiously before moving to Kuwait, I know how much of a difference it makes in energy levels. So, while I plan on eating meals at home when I can, I'm really excited to have the shake to resort to, and hopefully no more 3 PM energy slump.

The first phase of it is a cleanse. Hopefully, I can cleanse out some of this Army DFAC food I've been eating and the copious amounts of Quest bars ... (It's totally normal to go through 2 boxes in 2 weeks, right?)

Of course, when I get excited about something ... everyone knows. I have a few friends at the box who are on board with me, too (they're going home in September and wanna look good for their ladies)!

So, I thought I would throw it out here to you, too. The more the merrier. If anyone wants to jump in with us: we're planning on hitting the ground running on Monday, July 28th. We ordered ours today so that it can reach us in Kuwait by then.

If you're interested, you can order here. If you have any questions, I'm all ears (errr, eyes?) Comment below or email:

I'm off to get my mane tamed before taking my 'BEFORE' pictures.

Let the good times roll!
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  1. I LOVE good. But green apple?!! Yum, I need to order some of this quick. I had a bottle of the O2 but haven't tried it yet....I think I need to. I did the challenge once and it was great...perhaps I should join in with you again?!

    1. Erin, if you haven't ordered, get on it! and make sure you throw in a bottle of Catalyst, too.

  2. You have a banging body and your hair looks great. I really like that color on you!

  3. Very interested in trying but kinda nervous. I kinda want to see your results first!

  4. I know you're already a week in, but I'm thinking of trying this out. I am a little nervous to take the plunge...

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