Thursday, July 31, 2014

3 Things Thursday

1. We start our 24 Day Challenge on Monday! (You can still get on board, check out all the information I threw together here). 

I'm putting together a little mini-motivational wall. This picture was just added to the mix ...

2. I drank a Kill Cliff for the first time in months after an evening training session a few days ago, and had the CRAZIEST night of dreams. Has anyone ever experienced this? I rarely remember dreaming most nights ... But the dreams I was having were GRAPHIC and freaking insane. Violent even. Disturbing. Shook me to the point I was almost in tears. Avoiding the Kill Cliff for a while ...

3. In the last week, I've finally started stringing together bar muscle ups and free standing hand stand push ups! Have you watched these progressions from Carl Paoli? They're great. 

Did you see that his new book just came out? I just ordered it from Amazon.

Have a GREAT weekend!

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