Monday, May 5, 2014


I stand humbled. 

Just spent the weekend going through the Regionals workouts. I repeat: I am SO humbled. I have mad respect for people who compete at this level. And to make it to the Games? Holy poop. 

My life has become a blur of coaching, training, recoverying and eating. 

Oh, joyous FOOD! I'm obsessed with the Kuwait Burger from Smash Burger. Kuwaitis know how to make a BOMBazz burger. 

My new favorite Quest bar flavor! Eat with almond butter = HEAVEN.

Honestly, anything with almond butter. 

I finally found my hips ... 
I hit a PR on my power snatch, full snatch and my hang snatch in the last week.

But it's not all sunshine and daisies. These workouts are tough. The highs and lows of training ... #thestruggleisSOreal. I have had some deep, heart to heart conversations with my coach. Training at this level, with these kind of expectations, is like riding a rollercoaster .... of emotion.

It's a rest day today. I think my mind more than my body needs it ...

I can't thank you all enough for your endless support. Both in reading my blog, in trying out my recipes, in donating to my GoFundMe account. (I'm at 70% of my goal!) When I want to quit, when that bar becomes too heavy, when my grip begins to fail, when I think I can't ... I remember how many people I have behind me, and I am reminded that I CAN. 

You inspire me.


  1. that burger looks bomb! i am really excited to follow how you do at regionals-you've put in the work now it's time for the fun!
    i'm going to texas this weekend to see the boyfriend off for another deployment-wish he was going to kuwait so i could tell him to get some awesome training in with you!

  2. I would love love love to hear more about you "finding your hips" as in any coaching cues or body-mind connection areas of focus that got you over that block in your mind :) I know I have a similar issue holding me back, I suspect from gluteal amnesia from my desk job.