Friday, May 30, 2014

2014 CrossFit Games Asia Regionals

So dang, let's talk about the Asia Regionals, shall we?

What a weekend! 

Following up to Regionals, I was training my ass off. The weekend prior, I did a run through of all of the events. 

These run throughs did not play out AT ALL at Regionals. I did far worse in some of the events (like Events 1 and 2, total fail), but did much better than I had in practice in Event 3 (Nasty Girls V2) and Event 4 (cutely coined the handstand push up WOD). 

My nerves got the best of me in Events 1 and 2, big time. While warming up (in our tiny shoe box of a warm up area), I was hitting my numbers just fine. 115-120-125, and knew I was going to go for my previous PR of 130 for my final lift. 

And then everything went to shit, because I decided to open with 115, and couldn't even get that. The adrenaline was so intense, I felt like I was having an out of body experience. I had NO idea what in the world my body was doing. It was like I had never done a snatch before! I failed all three lifts miserably, and walked over with the rest of the girls to the start line for the hand stand walk. I was on the outside lane. 

As we started our max distance walk, I apparently came out of my lane. Awesomely enough, I did this on purpose. Yeah, upside down, on the edge, it looked like my lane was differently marked than it was. So, I scratched at 20 feet. In practice I've walked closer to 70. 

Looking back, I'm so disappointed in these two events. I had these in the BAG. There were SO many girls who didn't have handstand walks in our Region. This was my moment to capitalize. Instead, I wasted it due to a stupid error. And wasted it because the novice in me had a complete and utter meltdown in the middle of the arena trying to remember how to snatch. 

I walked off the field, back to the Athlete Area, totally numb. I think I was smiling. Probably to contain both utter disappointment, anger and sadness. This was not how I wanted to begin my weekend. 

On the verge of both punching something and crying, I sent a text my coach.

Instantly he replied (I have the best coach in the world, even though he's all the way in Texas), and said I had 10 minutes to get it out. Scream, punch, cry, laugh, whatever. Then, after that 10 minutes, I had to move on and prepare for Event 3 (the Event that I was most dreading). 

I did just that. I walked into the Women's Restroom, locked the door behind me, and just let the tears fall. I let the disappointment wash over me. 

10 minutes (well, maybe more like 15), I walked out of there renewed and refreshed, albeit a little shaky and exhausted now that the adrenaline of the Events had worn off. 

So what if I failed the first few events? I had 5 more ahead of me, and I was going to fight like hell to show people that I do have some shred of fitness in me, Scouts Honor. 

Because of my 11th place finish in the Open, I was placed in the final heat with the big dogs (the girls that were all fighting for a chance to make it to the Games). I was shaking in my boots Nanos, walking out on to the field for Nasty Girls. 

A workout full of muscle ups. I love muscle ups. But I recently learned them, as in, a week before Regionals. Sometimes I could do them, sometimes I couldn't. Practicing them was very challenging, because they were very painful (I have some ulnar nerve issues). I was too afraid to even attempt more than one or two in my warm up, for fear I'd fire up my ulnar never before even starting the event.

I surprised myself though, a lot. I didn't miss one attempt. I even felt confident enough to string them together (something I had done in practice), but my judge no-repped me, telling me I hadn't gotten full lock out. I resorted to singles to avoid wasting energy receiving no-reps, and surprisingly, did pretty well.

Saturday and Sunday went much better after I'd regained a smidgen of confidence during Nasty Girls. I did way better on the HSPU workout than I had in practice, and the legless rope climbs of Event 5 didn't blow up my biceps and elbows like they had in practice. 

The 50's workout was by far the easiest in terms of skills, but it sucked the most, too. Just constant grind, no breaks. Wallballs to a 10 foot target when you're barely 5 foot tall ... 

On the final event, the pullups and overhead squats, I just had nothing left in me. I was so drained. Emotionally? Physically? The adrenaline from each event prior left me wasted ... Maybe because I was having a hard time fueling correctly (I was running out of food at this point), who knows. I had to break my pullups into way smaller sets than anticipated. And 135 has never felt so heavy. I could barely clean it (literally, it ran me over at one point) and get it over my head into the back rack. Stabilizing it overhead felt like balancing the world over my shoulders. 

But the joy I felt after time was called, was something I'd never experience before in my life. Joy at it just being OVER, joy at making it through it, joy at surprising myself a few times over the course of the weekend ... Just joy. It's a huge accomplishment to just make it there ... And I made it out alive. I'm the 15th Fittest Woman in Asia. *whoop!*

I have always done CrossFit for fun, and had personal goals I've strived to attain, but competing was never one of them. I had no idea that I'd be going to Regionals when I moved out here 9 months ago. After the Open I realized I had 5 weeks of training to get as prepared as I could.

This year, will be different. I'm dedicating all of my training to Regionals, not just 5 weeks. ;) 

I couldn't have done it without everyone that supported my cause. Thank you all for your donations! Thank you to my training partners, I definitely couldn't't have made it through all of that grueling training the 5 weeks leading up to Regionals without you. Thank you to my awesome Coach, David Tillman. Thanks to Jon from CrossFit 254, for loaning me his MarcPro and the massive effort it had in aiding in my recovery! Thanks to all of the athletes at the box for believing in me.

Thanks to the other athletes competing who were so encouraging and motivating! It was a lot of fun working out alongside friends.

I have a few more days left of rest and recovery, and I'm right back at it. 2015, you bet I'm going to make it the best season yet!


  1. Courtney! We are all proud of you! The influence you have and the legacy you leave behind for others to follow is immeasurable in todays world. Culture would have you feel different but those who follow and look up to you will forever be grateful for the way you persevered and the road you paved for us all to be better, do better, and extend our best efforts to become who we are truly meant to be. OVERALL BETTER INDIVIDUALS healthy and fit making the world a better place! Be encouraged! You are leading and taking us all to the next level!

  2. Congratulations! And thank you for sharing your fitness journey. I have been following you for many years now. I have watched you transform into the amazing athlete you are. You are always motivating and inspiring me to get stronger and keep going. So thank you for that. And now that you know what competing is like, I'm betting 2015 will be your year. : }

  3. That's so awesome! After following your for a few years now I've finally joined the CrossFit world and I love it! Handstand walks are my thing! I made it half way to the record at our box on my first try, I couldn't believe it. It must be my old gymnastics skills resurfacing.

  4. Congratulations! You did an amazing job and 2015 is waiting for you:)

  5. you are truly amazing and my #1 crossfit inspiration.
    i watch all your IG videos for technique, proper ways of breathing and for reminders of how badass i am working on becoming.
    congrats on being #15! that in itself is an amazing accomplishment.
    proud of you and the person you are :)