Monday, March 31, 2014

Gruesome Twosome

I am tired today. Everything on my body hurts. Not sure if it was 14.5 on Friday, running around hosting a CrossFit competition on Sunday, or Saturday's training. Due to a mental math error, I threw way more weight on the bar for all 4 of the workouts I had programmed, and now I'm in a slight vegetative state. #DOMS #dummy

The sandstorms the last few days have NOT been helping anything, either. Who needs microderm abrasion when you live in Kuwait?

It's a good thing I was busy running around yesterday, I think it helped keep everything lubricated so the soreness wasn't quite so acute. I totally forgot I was sore until I came crashing into my bed 16 hours later ...

Part of my position here in Kuwait working for MWR is hosting events for our soldiers. You know, keeping that morale high and putting what I'm teaching them in class to good use. So for the last few months I've been planning the Gruesome Twosome, a co-ed partner competition. 

It was 3 events in total. I'm pretty proud of them, not going to lie. :) Winners were computed by calculating aggregate scores. Other categories included Best Team Name and Best Team Costumes.

Super Tigers!

Cooling down after Event 1

My favorite and final event for the day was a max weight unbroken sled push for 50ft. Each team member had their own sled and 10 minutes to work up to a weight. Some of the combined totals were INSANE!

I heard a lot of good things afterwards, so I'm glowing! Can't bask in the glory for long though, I have another competition planned at the end of April. Have to get cracking! 

I'm off to coach. Happy Monday!
(Photo Credit to Dave DeGroot)

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  1. You have a cool job. period. How are you going to top that when you come back to the states?