Saturday, March 29, 2014

Buck Furpees!

It's the last week of the Open! Speaking of, I'm coaching our classes through it this evening at CrossFit Arifjan, and I can't WAIT.

14.5 to me is just classic CrossFit. Burpees and mofo thrusters. It's been my favorite event this year. I did give it a test run last night, definitelyhad more in the tank, and finished feeling pretty good. That means I SHOULD do it again and move a little faster, but if it doesn't move me around too much on the leader board, that'll be a one and done for me.

 If you're looking for an awesome warm up, I totally suggest the video that Athlete Cell put out!

I found a few people to suffer through it with me. Misery loves company!

Have you been competing in the Open?
What's your favorite workout so far?

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