Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sex Shoes

One day, I want to be on this level.

Until then, I'm on this level.

Happy Valentine's Day, ya'll!

It was actually yesterday for us, but since most of you are in the States (over here, you don't call it America, it's "The States"), I'm wishing you a lovely day, full of love! Not that you need to be in a relationship to enjoy this day, I had an amazing time with my CrossFit family here. <3

I was a lucky lady, I even received a goodie bag, full of Paleo goodies from one of my athletes. Now THAT is love. :) 

Ahhh, that red rose. It's these tiny little things that really add up over here when you're deployed. 

I absolutely LOVED my training yesterday. Full of skills: snatches and cleans. And metcon: heavy wallballs and double unders ... If you're wondering, I follow Competitor's WOD. I'm usually a day or two behind programming. I follow the Open programming, but try to throw in a few more Regionals segments if my body feels up to it.

Again, I'm on this level most of the time.

I've only been following it for a few weeks, so far, so good! 

I think getting some one on one attention in the Olympic Lifts with our amazing Oly Coach, Bev has been the real game changer.

I mean, this guy kabobs for time. #legit

But no, really, he's amazing. I'm so lucky to have him here to coach me - and all of our military athletes. He works full time as a Coach back in the States and he's deployed here until May. Until then, I'm sucking every little morsel of knowledge I can from him. #knowledgebombs

When I can snatch my 1RM for a 2RM, I'm officially buying myself a pair of #sexshoes.

These shoes are THE SEX. Sizzle, sizzle. I want so bad. I have the Reebok Oly Lifters, with the dual strap, they're awesome for metcons with lifts and wallballs or box jumps, whatever. But I want a pair JUST for lifting. And these babies ... *bites lip* Sigh.

This is my sleepy face. I didn't get enough sleep last night, and I won't again tonight ... Crazy work schedule. 

New Student Orientation tomorrow at the box! 3 hours of PVC drills and skillz! 

Warming up yesterday with mobility and light kettlebells, single arm-overhead squats.

1) Did you celebrate Valentine's Day?
2) What programming do you follow, or what box to do belong to?
3) What do you lift in?


  1. I think something is medically wrong with that animal (bear?).

  2. I have Nike Romaleos 2 and I have to say, they are pretty amazing ;)

  3. I've had a pair of the Nike's since they came out. Best money I ever spent and they handle wear and tear like a champ. Don't wait, just buy them!

  4. I really really want to get the new reebok mens lifter plus--i need to set a goal like you did and reward myself!