Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Confront Your Fears

I'm still frustrated that I can't consistently hit muscle-ups. It's time to just take it back to the beginning on work on those progressions. I almost think at this point it's become a mind-block more than anything; I just tell myself I can't before I even GET on the rings, and then I wonder why I can't ...

I have a rule with my athletes that they're never allowed to shake their head no or say, "I can't." The body will QUIT well before the mind; if you quit your mind too, you're DOOMED to fail. YOU control your body. YOU control your mind and your thoughts. Lead with positive thoughts, your body will follow.

The next time you approach the bar: see the movement in your mind AT THE FINISH. See yourself at the TOP of the deadlift ... finished with open hips. Feel your feet coming together after recovering that jerk. SEE IT. Prime your body for the finish, that's where you want to get. DON'T think about your sticking point, your slow elbows or your early arm pull.

DON'T start shaking your head "no" halfway through the lift when you're struggling. It's OKAY to slow, it's not okay to give up. It's okay to feel like you're taking FOREVER to get out of the hole. DON'T QUIT ON IT. When I'm yelling at you to fight for it, to bring those hips forward, I never let my athletes shake their head or tell me they can't. Ever. 

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And then there's little old me, with my sorry ass muscle ups, using every excuse in the book. "Oh, I had surgery," or "I really hurt my elbows whenever I'm on the rings" ... just a million things. I psych myself out, so I'm forever doomed scale with chest to bar and dips. Ending forever today.

So I'm watching this video, and I'm giving myself 20 days to get them. Enough time before the Open, right? HAH.

1) What's your most frustrating goat?
2) Are you competing in the Open?


  1. Mine is 135# Cleans. I've actually done 145, once, when I was really warmed up. But any time I try multiple reps at 135, its all in my head. I'm working specifically on this with EMOMs - I'm going to get my working weight for cleans up to 135.

    Knowing that its in your head is the first part to beating it.

    Visualizing the movement is such a great suggestion.

    I'll compete in the Open, but I've not yet signed up.

  2. Why scale with C2B and dips? Scale with bar muscle ups! If you can't do them, work your way up the bands until you don't need them. I got my bar muscle-ups a lot faster and many months before rings. It took a lot of practice (and a little alcohol:) haha) to get ring MUs.

  3. I just started, so heck no will I be competing at the Open! I'll sure be following online though :) - having just started CrossFit also means that I feel like I suck at almost everything, but I know that with hard work, sheer determination and a positive mindset I'll get there!

    So thanks for this post, Courtney - it was well timed, haha.

    Love from Scotland.