Sunday, October 27, 2013

Life from the Sidelines

I had an incredible time cheering on CrossFit Arifjan at the CPCF Battle of the East Competition in Kuwait this weekend. I may or may not have lost my voice. Worth every bleeding vocal cord.

It was a 2-Day event, culminating in 6 workouts (the 6th workout was announced last, for the top 5 male and female competitors of each division), with prize money, a gorgeous venue, vendors, social media coverage, and crazy awesome competitors. Like, Lacee Kovacs. He's the Hungarian monster from the CrossFit Games that placed 25th this year.

But my attention was on other things ...

Like our Arifjan athletes! Jeeze, get your mind out of the gutter.

CFAJ came out and showed so much heart and tenacity. 
During the last WOD I was choking back the tears. And I wasn't even the one working out. 

Their performance was inspiring, and I'm so damn proud to train alongside these crazy cats.

In an effort to be helpful, I turned into the annoying mom taking photos of everyone and asking if they needed more Progenex or to have their shoulders Tiger Tailed for the 37,473 time ... :)

Maybe one day I'll actually compete again. 

Until then, enjoying life from the sidelines.


  1. How cool!

    Glad to see your blog back up again:)

  2. Looks like a super fun weekend! Seeing their hands makes me cringe! I hate tearing my hands!

  3. I know I already commented on this blog post but I wanted you to know I FINALLY did a real crossfit workout today in a real crossfit gym! Haha! I might be hooked;) Thanks for he inspiration to finally do it!

  4. So glad to see the blog is back! I was a little lost there for a bit;)

    It's funny how you can feel proud of someone you've never even met but I am! I feel super proud of you for the way youve handled your rough last year and Im glad that things are working in your favor now and you seem to be happy!

  5. So glad to see the blog is back up!

    I know it's strange to be proud of someone you've never met but I really am! I'm proud of the way you've handled your rough past year and didnt let it break you. I'm glad things seem to be turning around and you seem legit happy!!

  6. What an awesome post! Can't wait for more updates!!!