Thursday, September 26, 2013

Life in Kuwait, Continued

Today's my Friday! 

Since my last post, my attitude has definitely become more upbeat and positive! 

Honestly, work is work is work. Wherever we are in the world, we have immature bosses, hectic schedules, impossible timelines, annoying technical difficulties, crappy co-workers, and everything else that will test our resolve.

I let all of these things bother me. I forgot that I cannot control the things that are out of my control, I can only control my attitude towards them. And thanks to YOU and all of your awesome comments, encouragement and advice, plus finally getting in touch with family and friends again back home (honestly, internet, even if it's slow as dirt, is a God-send), I can say that these last few days have been much better.

I really think I'm going to like it here, as long as I continue to keep a positive attitude and go with the flow.

Yesterday, we ventured up to Camp Buehring to get re-certified in First Aid, CPR and AED. 

I think the First Aid section was my favorite. 
We had a lot of fun acting wounded and making splints.

Enjoyed lunch at the DFAC (but I think our Zone 6 DFAC here on Arifjan is better ;) I try to keep it as fresh and as colorful as possible!

After an hour and a half drive back down to Kuwait City, we scooped up my roomie and had dinner at a sweet little Thai restaurant right by our house.

I love Thai Food, and the food here was tasty! Service was also excellent.

I ordered the Spciy Papaya Salad (below) and Grilled Beef Meatballs. That salad was SPIIIICY!

And you know me, I'm always happy when I can do my CrossFit thing ... 

I'm hoping to have a little fun on my day off tomorrow and venture out into the city. :)
We'll see!

On a side note, a friend gave me a bottle of MiO FIT to try, and I love it! It's so hot out here, and drinking plain water gets REALLY old. I was having a problem staying hydrated, but with MiO, I actually want to drink water now. :)

1. How do you stay hydrated? Do you drink plain water or something else?
2. Coffee or tea in the morning?
3. Are you First Aid CPR/AED certified?


  1. So glad to read that things are getting better for you and you are working through it! I'm working on getting re-certified in everything right now. COFFEE all morning! Have a great day off!

  2. I drink plain water and a lot of it! I Have coffee every morning, but I drink it black and now use agave nectar as my sugar in my coffee. I am CPR/first aid/AED cert. too!

  3. I'm usually a plain water person, but gatorade is always around ym hosue too. Tea is my favorite thing EVER, I am not a fan of coffee.

  4. Glad things are going better!! Love hearing about your adventures there. Have a great day off! I drink water & aminos & coffee, of course!!

  5. Just keep your head high!! I don't have a problem drinking water usually, but when I drink something other than water, that's when the problem starts. It makes me want fruity drinks, and nothing that has to do with water, so needless to say, I just stick to water hahaha. Neither! I love coffee, but it just doesn't love me so much.

  6. I am loving the long hair on you, and also those glasses! Could you let me know the brand/designer? I need those! I drink iced water and also sparkling water with lime, mint and sometimes jalepeno if I have the time (my heathly mojito). Coffee in the morning and green tea throughout the day. Glad things are going more smoothly over there for you.

  7. My husband is in Kuwait right now, and I was telling him about your blog when we were talking this morning. He said, "Oh the new Crossfit coach is all everyone is talking about!" I told him to introduce himself and tell you that I love your blog, but he won't! Just thought I would let you know that you are all the talk! (In a good way!) :)

  8. Hi Courtney, Im so happy you are doing better and loving your hair and you look beautiful! I love Thai food too but don't eat it enough. be safe