Sunday, August 11, 2013

Yay, New Toys!

I put my ReebokONE discount to work!

Of course, these showed up right after I got home from the gym. I would have loved to have broken in the Nano's during the WOD "Hidalgo"

Once upon a time, I used to call myself a runner that did CrossFit. Now I'm a CrossFitter that runs when I'm being chased sometimes. The 2 mile run at the beginning and end of that workout was no picnic, let me tell you. It was almost noon by the time we finished and well over 100 degrees ... the heat element in Texas takes training to a different level. I was so gassed afterwards, I pathetically crawled back into bed after my shower and ate breakfast there, in a slow, semi-comatose, stupor. 

Yum, plantain protein waffles topped with cashew butter ...
Turkey sausages topped with cashew butter ... 

Cashew butter is the bees knees. Does that make the crunchy kind the bee's elbows? Because it's fan-freaking-tastic.

So is wearing pajamas gym clothes to work. I was on my feet for 7 hours in the Nano's, they feel even better than the 2.0's. Super comfy! They do have an impressive heel drop, so beware, if a minimalist shoe is not something you're used to.

And soaking up the sunshine on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon. 

1. What shoes do you wear for CrossFit?
2. Do you own a pair of Oly shoes?

Awesome words from a happy client this morning on her 2nd week of eating in the Zone. 

"Thanks Courtney! I'm doing great! I've got a good feel for appropriate portion sizes after weighing and measuring everything for the week. Aside from getting a hang of portion sizes and starting to grasp the blocks, I'm loving that the mindless snacking is GONE and I'm not missing it. Feel totally satisfied all day long!" 

I can't tell you how wonderful and rewarding it is working with people that care about their health and fitness. Love what I do!


  1. No oly shoes (yet), but just got my first pair of Nanos. I thought I was gonna keel over when I first started walking in them. Definite change from my running kicks.

  2. Hi Courtney! How long is your waiting list for meal planning? I emailed you about a week ago too --- I'm in need of nutrition help to support my marathon training and CrossFitting. I can't seem to find the proper balance to support optimal training, and I know you can help!

  3. someone was giving away their olympic lifting reebok shoes at our box! they just happened to be a size 10! I'm excited to try them! They do feel a little big in the heel but maybe that's just me?

  4. Nice workout outfits. I lifts weights but do train with some kettlebells at our gym. I would like to buy the Reebox Nano 3.0 just to try them out.

  5. We did Hidalgo here in Phoenix in 109 degree heat. I've never been so sick in my life after a WOD... great job, though! It's a tough one. And I LOVE the new shoes!

  6. Hi Courtney!

    So jealous of the new gears! I may have to have a splurge next payday!!

    I have only recently taken up Crossfit but alas I have fallen in love! I just brought myself a pair of Reebok Nano 2.0 (I liked the colours better than the 3.0 ones) Previously I wore Nike Frees, minimalist shoes are definitely the way to go!

    I don't have oly shoes yet, but hopefully will in the near future! Everyone at my box raves about them!

    I have a quick question as well: I have some almighty rips on my hands from learning kipping do you go about preventing them and is there anything I can do to these ones to help them heal??

    Keep up the great blogging! You should plan a trip to Perth, Australia, and come crossfit at my box!

    Stacey x

  7. love those pants, they look so comfy! do you have a link to them in the reebok store?

  8. Love the items! I'm a fan of the heel drop in the 3.0's too!