Saturday, August 3, 2013

No "Bull" About It

 Quest bars, strike again!

After work last night, I was craving some chocolate. Rather than blow my whole day with a trip to Dairy Queen, I decided to be a good girl, and come home and make myself something tasty that wouldn't leave me bloated and regretting it later.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Quest bar, to the rescue! Topped with almond butter and coconut nectar, warmed in the microwave for a few seconds. Mmm, perfection.

Are you superstitious at all? I was rocking some awesome new Reebok socks during my WOD this morning; and I PR'ed! Tie-dye is magical, nuff said. 

That's supposed to read 50, not 500! Excuse my post-WOD brain. ;)

I did 'Bull' for the first time about 4 weeks ago, in 57 minutes and some change, scaling the OHS weight to 75 pounds. This morning I did them at 85 pounds (Rx'ing all other movements), and finished even faster. 

I can't wait to do this WOD again in another 3 or 4 weeks and Rx it! (135 pounds for men, 95 pounds for women). I might have to break them up into sets of 5, but hey, this girl is going to get it done.

I was HANGRY when I got home. 

Heaven on Earth right there, my friends, Heaven on Earth! Peanut butter, sweet potato, turkey sausage links, and a drizzle of coconut nectar. 

I'm smoked right now. I'm finishing up some client's meal plans now, and then it's off to work tonight.

If you have a minute, go show a friend of mine some love on his blog, a CrossFitting Solider. Not only he is a solider (thank you for your service, Nick!), he's a local CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (and Kettlebells and Strongman) and a triathlete - he's racing tomorrow in Austin. Go show him some love, please. :)

What are some of your "go-to" clean treats?
Do you have a favorite Hero WOD?
What's your favorite Quest bar flavor and how do you eat them?


  1. I just made some macadamia nut, coconut oil, coconut flake bars that are awesome!
    Never done a wod, let alone a hero wod;)
    I just picked up some choc chip quest bars today. By far my fave!

  2. Thanks for the shout out! ;-)

  3. Do you do 50 squats in a row or do you break it up?

  4. I love having clemetines and grapes handy. Easy sweet snack and because they are small pieces that you can pop in your mouth whole, they're almost like munching on candy!

  5. Hi Courtney, I love Quest bars flavors chocolate chip and banana nut. I love to eat Fage greek yogurt and protein and veggies. I eat clean 90% of the time.

  6. I am new to Quest Bars, but I'm loving the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavor, warmed up in the microwave for a few seconds! YUM! I'll have to try it with some almond butter goodness!

  7. I just got hooked on the Quest bars. I ordered the chocolate brownie, coconut, and peanut butter supreme flavors. I have yet to try them microwaved, but that will happen this week. So far, the chocolate wins hands down...

  8. I always have sliced grilled chicken on hand and I love putting a spoon of Thai and True yellow curry paste on one slice and devouring it. Avocado with some lime juice is a close second. We did Annie and Candy at my box on Friday and i really liked both together. I am actually going to buy some Qwest bars today since yours always look so delicious, I know you like the cookie dough and brownie, are there any others you love/don't like as much? Have you tried the peanut butter one?

  9. I use my Fitness Pal and I was wondering what you think a good protein, fat, carb ratio is for an active woman?

  10. Ever tried Sunbutter, Courtney? It's lightly sweetened with cane sugar, and I just tried it on a sweet potato with cinnamon...and BAM! It's amazing!

  11. Ever tried Sunbutter, Courtney? It's lightly sweetened with cane sugar, and, I just tried it on a sweet potato with cinnamon...and BAM! It's amazing!