Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Slow Progress is still Progress

Increased training intensity + Zone eating = results.

I should really clean the toothpaste off the mirror. 

Abs are starting to come out and play, and my numbers are starting to increase. I hit 165 x 2 on my front squat this week, not bad, considering my old 1RM was 150. Progess is progess, no matter how slow.

Low fat?! Ain't no one got time for that!

I only have time for copious amounts of fat. In my favorite form: peanut butter.

Current obsession: sweet potato slathered in peanut butter. Or any nut butter. Cashew butter and almond butter are equally delicious. A sprinkle of cinnamon on top = perfection. 

Rest day tomorrow! Heaven's knows, I need it. I post my training every day on Instagram. Here's what I did today.

How do you eat your sweet potatoes? 
Last PR you hit?
What's your favorite way to eat your nut butter?


  1. I eat my sweet potatoes diced and sautéed with bacon, red onion, fresh thyme and chicken sausage. I'm trying it with peanut butter next though!

  2. You can certainly feel proud of your progress and your commitment. You look phenomenal!

  3. What an important message about not getting discouraged. I tend to be an instant gratification seeker when I look at changes in my body and it just doesn't work that way. But, I just found out today that I could deadlift 20 more pounds than I could a month ago -- so that's a start.

    Your abs look amazing. Do you think anyone, following the right diet and training in the right way, can get abs like that? I've had two kids and I'm not sure I can ever get rid of my pooch. It decreases when I do strict paleo but I'm not sure it'll ever vanish.

  4. Baked with cinnamon, chili powder (or cayenne), a little salt and cumin! It's soooo good!

  5. That is some intense training! I'm really hoping to go to days or work part time which will allow for a little more time to run and crossfit - right now I'm lucky if I squeeze in one or the other- night shift drains you!! Luckily I'm still hitting PR's!!

  6. Figure I'd finally start commenting on here after following and reading your blog for a month or two now. Love your positivity and willingness to be "real" on here. It's a breathe of fresh air to read a blog where the author is just commenting on their own life, providing positive insight to life in general, and not afraid to tell people "It's ok to eat!" Plus I haven't seen to many (if any) male posters so I thought I'd let you know your audience is broadening out.

    - How do you eat your sweet potatoes?
    Usually I just add some Kerrygold grassfed butter, cinnamon, and Jamaican all-spice, mash it all together and consume.

    - Last PR you hit?
    Easy, I finally hit my "Over 400#" Back Squat PR. I managed to get a 20# PR that day and ended up lifting 415#!

    - What's your favorite way to eat your nut butter?
    I like to mix my nutter butter (usually Macadamia or Almond) with equal amounts of Coconut butter, heat them up and stir until blended. I will then eat this by itself, on apples, bananas, or celery. Also if I'm feeling super hungry and in need of a few extra carbs, I'll use Almond butter on my paleo french toast in lieu of grassfed butter.

    Keep up the great work. Good luck on your Zone meal prep. And lastly I don't think anyone noticed the mirror and tooth paste until you pointed it out lol

  7. Hi Courtney :) i never eat sweet potatoes, here i don't find them but i'm seriously curious to know how it tastes.
    The last progress was : increase my load for the barbell front squat from 36 to 38 kg kettlebell snatch from 10 to 13 kg and swing from 16 to 25 kg.
    i love nut butter too, but here in italy they aren't so common to find, so i did it by myself at home i've pealed tons of peanut and almond! but my favourite is the peanut one, the favourite way i use to eat it, is with spoon :P.
    i have a question for you, can you explain why i'm too tired to do my strenght training after 30 min of cardio or vice versa? i can do only one of them, not both, because other way i have strenght only to lift my water bottle! this weakness made me crazy.
    Anyway is a pleasure to read from you everyday
    hugs Ornella

  8. You look amazing! Keep up the good work gurlll :)

    Also, I was hoping you could do a post on WODs for dummies or something. I guess I just don't know the short hand/ some of the moves in your workouts :p

    XOXO Lauren

  9. OMG you managed to combine basically my two favorite foods just now! My mind is blown! Normally my nut butters don't last long enough to get anywhere but from the spoon into my mouth!

  10. Nice work, girl! I cube my sweet potatoes and saute with other veggies. But I love to bake them in fry-form and dunk them in almond butter! Last PR: does doing Fran Rx for the first time count?? I did it, finally!

  11. Hey Courtney! I'm a long time lurker on your blog and every time I stop by I just have to marvel at your physique, it's just amazing. Can you please give us a sample of what you eat during one day? I'm pretty good at picking the right foods, but I feel like my portion sizes are slowing down my progress lately.

    1. You should add her on my fitness pal, she tracks all her food on there.

  12. Love this post Courtney - progress is all about consistency..
    - Sweet Potatoes - as fries with ACV Mustard
    - I finally got my Snatch over 30kg! I hit 36.5kg last week!
    - I eat nut butter any which way! um.. loving it on a spoon at the end of a meal in lieu of something sweet..

  13. Love my sweet potatoes peeled and sliced in the crockpot with applesauce and cinnamon dumped over them. After I add a sprinkle of brown sugar. So good!