Thursday, July 25, 2013

Plantain Protein Waffles


CrossFit Game Competitor Becca Voigt

From CrossFit Girls = Strong

CrossFit Games competitor Stacie Tovar (middle)

Why are women afraid of muscle? 

These women are absolutely gorgeous. Sexy as hell I think. I don't know ANY woman who makes white booty shorts look as good as Tovar does. I found both of these photos on Facebook, and of course, there's always that clown making rude comments about women wanting to look like men, being too bulky, yadda yadda. 

Just really gets my goat.

Errry damn day. Train big. Eat big. Grow muscles grow.

Mmmm, eating.

I'm so guilty of eating epic amounts of food.

The heifer in me needed sustenance after training this morning. Enter: these fantastic Plantain Protein Waffles. Each waffle is 2 blocks carbs, 2 blocks protein, and 1 block fat. I made them this way, so that I could top them with a block of my favorite fat (almond butter), to make each waffle a 2 block snack, or two of them together for a 4 block meal.  

Plantain Protein Waffles 
Makes 4 waffles
  • 1 cup Maple Groves Farms SF Pancake & Waffle Mix
  • 6 tbsp egg whites
  • 1 medium-large mashed ripe plantain (the skin was almost black on mine)
  • About 1/2 to 2/3 cup water, until it reaches your desired waffle consistency
  • Dash of vanilla, sprinkle of cinnamon
Heat waffle iron to high. Grease. Pour 1/4 of batter. Cook until your waffle iron says it's done, slowly lift the lid, and pull off the waffle. They're a little delicate, careful. Grease iron between each waffle. 

Top with 1 block of fat for 1 waffle or 2 blocks of fat for 2 waffles. 

Nutrition stats per waffle:
131 calories
3g fat (1 block fat)
18g carbs (2 blocks carbs)
14g protein (2 blocks protein)
3g fiber

All sugar is naturally occurring from the plantain.

Because it was almost 2pm by the time I ate my first meal, I was HANGRY. I turned this into a 5 block meal, by adding peanut butter protein frosting, coconut flakes, and grilled plantain on top. So damn good!

I want to thank everyone for showing so much support and enthusiasm in my Zone Meal Planning! 
It's been a big hit so far and I absolutely love helping my readers reach their goals. 

I'm off to hit the hay! Filthy Fifty in the morning, then rushing home to watch elite exercisers kick some hiney.

Are you tuning in tomorrow? 
Who are you favorite female CrossFit athletes? Why?
Favorite male athlete?

I love me some Jason Khalipa! Always have, alway will. <3


  1. Wow that meal looks EPIC! It's so ironic, I've been on such a plantain kick recently. Must be the summer :)

  2. Mmmmm those look so good! I still have yet to catch the games! I need to get on that!!!

  3. I agree...these women are so beautiful! Muscles are sexy as hell. The games are crazy this year. I mean if I had to pick up that pig on the burden run, I may make it two feet. Mad respect~

  4. Yummmmm looks so good. Any reason you use a plantain rather than a banana?