Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Make Muscles, Not Excuses

Gah! My apologies for not posting sooner, I've been busy watching the fittest of the fittest.

I just HOPE that I am perform half as well as these 40, 50 and 60+ year old's when I'm their age. Good LAWD, I couldn't even keep up with some of them right now! I'm 25. 

Did anyone watch the Event Announcements last night? I couldn't believe when they brought out that Stand Up Paddle! Honestly, SUP for a WOD would have been pretty rad ... 

I got really excited again when Dave said "Half Marathon" ... and in the moments of that pregnant pause where everyone was hanging on to his words with every pore of their being, I honestly thought he was going to announce they had to run a half marathon. Having run almost 10 of them myself, I was freaking STOKED! My excitement was shortly replaced by horror, when that pause ended, and Dave completed his sentence. Oh, not a half-marathon of running, a half-marathon of ROWING.

From CrossFit.com

Poke my eye out with a spoon. A half marathon row?!

I'm interested to see how 2 hours worth of rowing will be for TV entertainment.

If you're interested in watching The CrossFit Games, you have a few options. 

I'll be watching them on ESPN3 via our Xbox. If you have an Xbox and an Xbox Live Account, you can access the ESPN app via the Xbox console, scroll to ESPN3, search "Fitness" under the categories section, and you'll see ALL of the streaming up there. Yes, it WILL be live!

The final event will be on ESPN2. Exciting!

They'll also be archiving all of the Events on CrossFit.com, as well as streaming a Live Feed. That's how I watched the Master's Events today, when I wasn't working on Meal Planning or laying out at the pool with my girls.

Make muscles, not excuses!

I'm off to bed. Up early to make it to the gym to WOD before the first Individual Event starts at 10am. 

Are you watching The CrossFit Games?
Who are you rooting for?


  1. Checking out some of the masters today... I don't really have a way to watch ESPN as we don't get tv. I might go to my old gym to catch what's on ESPN2... a little motivation on the treadmill. The half marathon row is insane. The SUP was hilarious. That would've been cool! For real!

  2. I had just turned on the live feed when they made the announcement! I could see our coach's (Kaleena) CFPC sweatshirt and got SO excited and then heard the announcement and was like OH! SNAP! rowing for two-ish whole hours!?!? I can't wait to watch my coach - someone that I legit know - it's so awesome! I watched a little bit of the masters today and was so impressed!

    1. Very cool--someone you know makes it even more exciting. Good luck to her!

  3. Watched a good bit of the masters' comp yesterday--bada$$! Can't watch ESPN3 from work, so I'll have the masters running in the background again :) The bar muscle ups while wet from the pool might be kinda scary.
    The first few minutes (2K "sprint") of the row might be sorta entertaining to see how they strategize, but not-so-much the rest of it. Diabolical that there's no time cap on that!
    So many amazing folks to cheer for! My girl Talayna...Lindsey...dying to watch Sam Briggs (machine!)...hoping Kristan's shoulder will let her go all out...Rich being flawless in efficiency & movement...Matt Chan!!...Khalipa...Bailey...???
    For the finals, a box-mate is hosting a bunch of friends to watch on her home movie screen. Maybe I should take Monday morning off of work?

  4. OMG YOU ARE RIPPED. I love it. lol :)

  5. I'll be watching online!! My trainer is there competing! I'm so excited for him!!

  6. I've never watched, but always wanted to. Just didn't know where I could watch. If I remember and get finished with my workout this morning I will defiantly be finding it and watching :)