Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Jerk It Real Good

Today's training session was legit! A sweet couplet of heavy push press and pullups followed by a 5RM front squat. It feels really good to be going heavy overhead again after taking the last 3 months off from it.

It just feels really fcking (excuse my French) good to lift heavy shit these days. Is there better therapy than a heavy barbell? As heavy as that bar was getting, I just kept repeating those words to myself, "When life weighs you down, jerk it!" I have a lot to get off my shoulders, needless to say. ;)

10 rounds total, starting with:
10 rack jerks at 115#
2 pullups
9 jerks
4 pullups
8 jerks
6 pullups ... 
All the way down to 1 jerk and 20 pullups. 

Then, find a 5RM front squat. I posted this video on my Facebook page, here. 
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I need to get my Voodoo floss on for this nagging pain I'm having in my elbow. It was starting to get really bad on those last jerks and the last few sets of pullups. 

And I'm crazy excited about our training tomorrow! Knowing that for the next six months or so, working into the Open, I'm really going to be focusing on getting stronger, is so exciting. I'm so ready for it. 

What do you think about Rich in his performance in the first event? Do you think he'll make a come back? It broke my heart to see Matt Chan's form falling apart on those bar muscle ups so early, but he still finished strong. Matt is a fellow Zoner!  He and his wife are the two that totally inspired me to start Zoning myself, and I never looked backed.

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