Thursday, July 18, 2013

Feeling Spry

Do you follow me on Instagram?

My social media skillz are lackluster, I know! Lord knows I never use my Twitter. I finally jumped on the Facebook fan page bandwagon (I hit 1,000 fans last week, though, WOOT!). Do you use social media? 

Awesome WOD today courtesy of CrossFit Mousetrap. Threw a few extra pounds on the barbell to bring it up to 70#. I was feeling sprite.

I need some sweat bands though. Because hot damn, I sweat SO damn much, it runs down my arms, into my hands, and making gripping anything impossible. Sometimes I use my Rogue wrist wraps, but they're kind of big and bulky ....

Do you use wrist wraps? Sweat bands? I will slap you if you tell me you use gloves.

They make gripping anything impossible. Just build up some good calluses, I promise, they take a while, you'll rip, yes, but once you get some good callus built up, you're set. 

This girl is off to work.

The weekend is near! 


  1. Bitch mittens!! {snort}
    I use liquid chalk & then reapply block chalk as needed. Since I'm currently WODing in my yard with no AC or fan, it can get really bad. My times are slow & my pullups are few on steamy days. HA!

  2. For my kettlebell lifting I use KettleGuards (, which are definitely the best wrist protection if you do cleans, snatches, and jerks with kettlebells!

    I totally agree on the gloves front. Whenever my mom sees my hands (callused or ripped from kettlebell), she'll always ask "But can't you use gloves???" and I'm like ", mom. That's not how it works" haha

  3. No sweatbands, but need to. Definitely use a Lulu bang buster or bandanna for the head/face sweat, though!

    I have Twitter, IG and the blog but no Facebook yet. I promise, Twitter is not that bad and is a great way to announce new posts and really connect with like bloggers and new readers.

  4. Bitch mittens! Hahaha!! That's hilarious! Are you working as a crossfit coach or a personal trainer? I'm thinking of studying to become a personal trainer. Who did you do your certification through, and how hard was the test?

  5. I swear I am not meaning to be THAT commenter, lol, but for what it's worth, the expression is "feeling spry".

    Although I really like "sprite", it conjures up a very adorable image of you all glittery with wings ;-)

    spry (spr)
    adj. spri·er (sprr) or spry·er, spri·est (sprst) or spry·est
    Lively, active, and brisk; vigorous.