Saturday, July 27, 2013

Drop it like a Squat

Keeping it short and sweet this morning. 

Enjoying coffee and the CrossFit Games via ESPN3 app on Xbox this morning, hanging out with my furbaby. A much needed rest day after some of the brutal training I've tackled this week. 

In love with my Saucony Bullet's, I bought a new color from These are my FAVORITE shoes to CrossFit in. I want to try out the new Nano 3.0's, but I'm pretty sure I'll still love my old school Bullets. Something about the minimalist shoe, I feel very connected to the ground, with that little bit of a heel ... That white foam is very stiff, which makes it perfect for front squats, thrusters, wallballs, etc. Reminds me of a very flexible, bendy, Oly shoe.

Last night we celebrated a friend's birthday. We keep it classy here in the Hood.

No wine bottle opener? No problem. 

We make it work!

Sieve to get out the little bits of cork.

My cheesecake for the birthday girl! Not healthy, but at least I made the crust gluten-free! 

I can't tell you how many times people try to tell me, a CFL1 coach, that CrossFit is dangerous. Everyone has THAT friend that got hurt doing CrossFit ... 

What are your thoughts?


  1. I agree, it's bad coaching and ego. No one in my class has ever been hurt, and it's because we have a huge focus on form, knowing your limits and being humble.

  2. Loving watching the CrossFit games... I can't believe the assumptions people make about CrossFit who have never tried it. If you have a good coach, and you use some common sense -- most likely the worst thing you're probably going to get is some bruising. I want to try those shoes!! Those are a good deal!!!!

  3. I have friends that have been hurt running and mountain biking and climbing and CrossFitting. Any time you push your limits, there is the risk of injury. Period.

  4. Cheesecake looks delicious. I agree that CF is not dangerous! It's people progressing too quickly and using improper form that leads to injury. Looks like you all had a fun night!

  5. Push the cork in with a butter knife next time ;)

  6. When I saw the pic of the sieve I was thinking, "Why is she holding up a hug magnifying glass? Was it a themed party??" lmao

    Love the crossfit quote too! So very true!

  7. Yeah, I got hurt doing CrossFit. Stepped off a box and onto a med ball. Twisted my ankle. D'oh! Would never think to blame CF or my coaches. It's time people took responsibility for their own actions and realize that it's tiredness, lack of attention, bad form that make you get hurt. Or plain ole' stupidity as in my case...

    p.s. Ankle's better now. ;)