Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cut the Catabolism: Protein Coffee

It's always go-go-go for me. Cirque De Soleil needs contact me ASAP; my juggling skillz would put some of their clowns to shame.

Full-time student
3 part time jobs (yes, I'm counting the blog as one)
... in the middle of a divorce.

My days are long. L O N G. And they start early. I'm feeling the effects of lack of sleep. 

Sunday night was rough, I couldn't sleep and then when I did fall asleep, woke up at 3:30am and could not fall back asleep ... two hours of tossing and turning just waiting for my alarm to go off ...

My mornings start at 5:30am, I'm off to the gym by 6:00, it's about a 20 minute drive, I'm working out by 6:45am; WOD first and then a few days a week, we head to Spin afterwards at 8am. Then it's home to shower and head to school, or to one of my two new jobs. In the future, I'm sure I'll juggling both of them in the same day. Somewhere in there, I have to manage time for blogging, studying, eating and attempting to maintain my sanity. 

Enter: Protein Coffee!

Do you workout first thing in the morning?
Do you lift weights, do HIIT, CrossFit, etc?

Then I suggest getting a little something in you first thing in the morning, before hitting the gym. Working out in a catabolic state works for some, and not for others. The IF community loves working out in a fasted state. I'm not a big fan. I hate that ravenously hungry, light-headed feeling. My stomach also starts to do some WEIRD stuff when it gets that hungry, like growling loud enough to distract me during my WOD. Yeah, no joke.

If you're one of those people that has a hard time eating first thing in the morning anyways; one of those "I-skip-breakfast" people, then you REALLY need to do this, to at least get your metabolism going again after a night of sleeping. Plus, hot coffee makes you poop. And I think pooping is nice.

Right now I'm using Stronger Faster Healthier vanilla whey protein powder, but you can use any kind you like. To avoid denaturing your protein (getting it too hot it destroys essentially destroys the proteins), throw an ice cube in your cup to cool it down a bit, then add in your protein powder, a little at a time. I suggest starting with a half scoop and going from there. I also like to add a little cinnamon, coconut creamer, and a few drops of liquid Stevia. It tastes absolutely Heavenly. 

Also note: the lighter the coffee, the more caffeine it contains. Starbucks makes an excellent blonde roast that I adore. 

On a side note: I also like to drink BCAA's on my way to the gym if I'm working out in a fasted state (aka super early). I like Cellucor BCAA's, it's one of the few that has Beta-Alanine in it. 

Stay strong and train on! 

1. How do you take your morning coffee?
2. Do you take any pre-workout supplements?
3. What time of day do you usually work out?


  1. I take my morning coffee with some unsweetened almond milk and a packet of truvia. Your protein coffee sounds good! I'll have to give it a try! The time of day I workout depends on my schedule for the day. Typically get a walk in with my pups first thing in the morning. Some days my workout is at 10:30 in the morning and other days it's around 4 or 4:30 in the afternoon. I prefer working out in the morning so that I get it done and out of the way and don't have time to talk myself out of a workout.

  2. Can you suggest any BCAA's that do not contain Sucralose (splenda)?

  3. OMG I LOVE that pie chart! May have snorted...Lots of morning coffee with unsweetened almond milk. No pre workout supplements. I try to workout first thing in the morning. I'm so out of it at night. I've been getting up super early in Texas too...WTF???

  4. Cool notes. I have some coffee IsoPure protein powder that would be good in my coffee. I train in the fasted state, IF rules.... :
    Have you tried adding the creamer to cool down the coffee first, then adding the powder? I just think I'd have to brew my coffee stronger so that an ice cube wouldn't dilute it too much...
    Great tips. Good luck on everything you have going right now!!

  5. I take my coffee with Vanilla Almond Milk or Skim milk, depends on my mood that morning. Love to drink a protein shake before a workout, although not directly before because then I have a bloated feeling while working out. Yes TMI. I usually work out in the early evening or if I get on my bike its late evening when the temperature cools down.

  6. Busy lady!

    I usually just add coconut milk and cinnamon to my coffee. Depends on how naughty I'm feeling:)
    I've been trying to remember to take my catalyst pill before I lift but I'm not convinced its even doing anything. Ha!
    I workout in the a.m. 95% of the time otherwise I can't sleep at night and as you know, that blows!

    I've blended cold coffee with my protein before and that's yummy as well....I'll have to try it hot as well though!

  7. I just wanted to say I absolutely love how real you are in your blog. You are actually an inspiration to me. Keep your head up with everything going on in your life!

  8. How is the SFH out of the coffee, just in a shake? I want to get some but would love an opinion!

  9. Im going to try that protein coffee. where do you get the coconut creamer?
    I sometimes take ON PRE to give me some energy. I usually train in the after noon and evening due to work.

  10. LOVE this post Courtney!
    Coffee mmmm mmmmm goood.
    Protein mmmmm mmmmm MUSCLES!
    And SFH is SO the best. I haven't tried their Pure Whey but I have their Recovery and it really makes a difference!
    Also good luck on all your jobs girlie! Congrats on being a hustler ;)
    And of course keep a smile on your pretty face; happiness comes to those who make it.

  11. Good luck with all that!! I had a hard enough time, working for 8 hours then going to school for 5.5 hours Monday-Friday. I couldn't image throwing in working out too. NO coffee for me or supplements. I just go raw! But I do always eat breakfast, even if it means I'll be sick later. I just can't go workout without eating, I'm always starving when I wake up. When school is in session, I workout anywhere from 5:30-6:00. When I don't have school I like to workout either at 7:30 or 8 :)

  12. Hey, gurl! Stay strong! You've got a lot on your plate right now but eventually it will calm down and come together, all in due time.

    Anna Sward, who cooks with all types of protein powders, insists that protein does not become denatured.


  13. Coffee usually isn't consumed til I eat my real breakfast (around 7ish) and it's just kal stevia and a splash of almond milk

    Pre-workout: C4 is my FAVE, alond with some BCAA's, Vega Sport & a peice of fruit or mixed in with some overnight oats (NOM!)

    I workout at 4am & wouldn't have it any other way :)

    Good to see you keeping busy (understatement!) You've been in my prayers.

  14. That is exactly what I do in the mornings. I usually save my protein powder for post workout and snack a Lara bar pre-workout as the carbs and fats give me an AWESOME boost. Then post-workout I mix my (by then cooled) coffee with ice and protein powder. The added sugar in the protein and the ice make beautiful (tastes like a cheat) frappacino-esque perfection. YUM!

  15. Hey hey! I actually just throw instant coffee in my shaker with chocolate protein powder and its like an iced mocha!

  16. Hey! I don't drink coffee and have been trying to avoid caffeine in general. I also don't typically eat before working out in the am because boot camp starts at 5:30 am and I have to leave the house at 5 to get there. But if I need to get my metabolism started before a workout (maybe this is why I'm not losing???), what would you recommend?

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