Sunday, July 21, 2013

12 Fun Things

1. I don't think I want children. I would like a few more dogs though.

2. I'd also like chickens. 

3. I want to live on enough land that I need a riding lawn mower. 

4. If doughnuts and cake and frosting didn't make us fat, I'd open a bakery. 

5. Thank goodness for CrossFit, so I can still eat doughnuts and cake and frosting (in moderation) and not get too fat. 

6. No pool? No problem.

7. Having a plan is a good idea, but freaking out if it doesn't go according to those plans, is unnecessary. 

8. Compared to Tyra Banks, I make her forehead look small.

9. I started working a 3rd job at Dick's Sporting Goods last week. I work the Fitness department. And honestly, it's so chill and I kind of love it. I just wonder why I hadn't done it sooner. Employee discount is aweeeesome!

10. I love Kill Cliff, and drank it round the clock when I was recovering after surgery a few months ago. They hooked me up some with a few boxes of The Tasty and some sweet swag this week. Heads up on a Giveaway coming your way.

11. We honored "Blake" yesterday. I was pretty damn proud to do all of the HSPU unbroken, to an ab-mat and 25# plates. Deficit, here I come. 

12. Did you see that I'm offering Zone Meal Planning? You could be eating epic meals like this!

I'll give you a freebie here. This 3-block meal is 340 calories, 27g carbs, 21g protein and 9g fat, easier thought of as 3 blocks carbs, 3 blocks protein and 3 blocks of fat. 

3 Block Zone Breakfast (this is an example of something I would plan for you). 
  • 2/3 cup oats (I use gluten-free rolled oats) (2 C blocks)
  • 1/2 cup blueberries (1 C block)
  • 1 cup egg whites (3 P blocks)
  • 1 tbsp Sunbutter (3 F blocks)

1. What's your favorite fruit?
2. Do you relax on Sundays?
3. Do you have any food intolerances?


  1. hahaha, that pool/truck picture is awesome!

  2. Loved this post!! And that picture of you is beautiful! Favorite fruit...I'd have to say Watermelon, by far!! Love Sundays, my relaxation day, and no workouts either, it's pretty awesome. I am gluten and lactose intolerant. Makes eating healthy easier lol.

  3. Favorite fruit at the moment is: blueberries

    I typically like to do all my errands on Sunday. Walked 3 miles with Kala and about to go do a quick workout. Wasn't going to train, but why not. :)

    No food intolerances. I am lucky and I eat everything. And like you, I LOVE frosting! The more frosting the happier this girl is. XOXO

  4. First off I LOVE your blog. I read it and I always get amped up to workout. HIGH FIVE Crossfit ladys you ROCK! oh yea, favorite fruit is the peach. Love them yummy! And my Sundays are usually spent doing something outdoors related such as kayaking,hiking,etc. With my favorite people of course.

  5. My favorite fruit is apples and I do train on sundays because its nice going to the gym on the weekend. I just feel its a different feeling. I do have some foods that i don't eat like real milk and cheese.

  6. I love making lists! And I'm glad you're enjoying your new job!

    1. My favorite fruit depends on the season- currently, it's peaches (local-grown, because I've been spoiled) with blackberries coming in right behind.
    2. I try relaxing on Sundays, but it usually turns into a catch-up day!
    3. I recently discovered that I'm gluten intolerant :( Everything else seems to sit well, though!

  7. 1. Green Bananas
    2. Oooh yes I sure do relax. Hanging out at the family farm. Lots of pool time, riding around on the gator, and ending it all with beers and brats. Awww felt so good.
    3. You name it. Ugh. Allergic to eggs, all grains, dairy, and sensitive to some nuts.

    You are looking awesome and your positive outlook is inspiring! You rock!!

  8. 1. I love mangoes.
    2. Sundays are usually my rest day, but if possible I still try to move a bit...walk or something...but a lot of times I stay on the couch.
    3. No food intolerance, but I HATE Red Bull and Instant Mashed Potatoes with a passion. I never eat them, but I still loath them fiercely.

  9. I had that same breakfast on Sunday (but with raspberries) and thinking it sounds good for tomorrow too:)

    1. Black raspberries!
    2. Yes, I typically relax on Sunday. Family time!
    3. No food intolerances, thankfully!

  10. Fav fruit right now a juicey GA peach!
    I do try and relax on Sundays but some I'll do a nice long ride at the Silver Comet trail or end then weekend with hot yoga!
    My husband just found out he has a diary and gluten intolerance so we are learning how to be dairy and gluten free, proven difficult for sure!!

  11. So tell me more about your meal planning!!!!

  12. do you microvwave the 3 Block Zone Breakfast?

  13. I loved this post too! I too, do not want kids, but dogs - I always say they are better than humans. I want a hobby farm so I can have chickens and goats. I bet my forehead is bigger than yours! I am an irish woman with a huge pale forehead - I call it my "five head". Your post cracked me up. I love your blog and I think your physique is perfection - keep the posts coming and keep smiling.