Monday, June 3, 2013

Slower Than Drying Cement

Is there anything more annoying than a slow internet connection? I wanted to post last night, but sitting here waiting for anything to load was driving me bonkers. I'm sitting about 2 feet away from the router/modem right now, but it's still running at a glacial pace.

Plan on having that fixed ASAP.

One miracle being patience. I want to start punching babies when the internet runs slower than drying cement.

Are you ready for this recipe yet or what? Honestly, it's not much of a recipe. I didn't even measure anything! 

Mash up a ripe banana in a bowl with a fork, crack an egg over it. Add a little cinnamon and vanilla extract if you like. I added a sprinkle of salt, because I like the juxtaposition of sweet and salty (as I added chocolate to this recipe). Throw in a pinch of coconut flour (maybe 2 tsp), a pinch of baking powder, and some Almond Milk or water to thin it out a bit. 

Cook on low heat. Flip when bubbles begin to form. I added my chocolate chunks a minute before flipping.

So tasty topped with fresh ground Whole Foods nut butter and fresh blueb's!

This recipe is great with just the banana and the egg. I opted to add the baking powder and coconut flour for more fluffiness. 

I tackled a lot yesterday. Like a shameless selfie from my new favorite car wash. I thought it was fitting, consdering I was always taking photos of myself at my old car wash in ATL. Such a loser. 

But Jane Honda looks amazing! She took a beating crossing 3 state lines, but she took the beating like a champ. I actually have to have the windshield replaced; there's a giant crack running across it, thanks to a gravel truck in Shreveport. My poor baby.

I grocery shopped, got my PO box squared away, picked up my text books, finished organizing my closet, had all of my prescriptions transferred, called Tricare and arranged for a new PCM, etc. All the boring crap no one ever wants to do in day.

After working myself into a bored stupor, I was starved. I stopped at my favorite old lunch spot, Mooyah!

Turkey burger on an ice bun, topped with sauteed onions, Cholula, avocado, tomatoes and pickles.

It took every pore of my being not to order the Kids Oreo Shake.

I spent the rest of the day with these gorgeous animals.

Soaking up the sun!

Love this girl to pieces.

1. Did you have get sunshine this weekend?
2. Where is your bathing suit from?
3. Do you have a favorite lunch spot for healthy eats?


  1. 1. No were stationed at Fort Lewis, WA:(
    2. Been to scared to buy one.
    3. Not gonna lie I love Wendy's salads when I'm on the go.

  2. Those pancakes look delish! I went to make some this morning and discovered that my family had eaten all of the bananas :( Sad panda!

    The weather has been crazier than normal in the midwest (where I'm at in MO, anyway). Hot and sunny one day, cold and stormy the next few, back to sunny, all with floods threatening my family's business and pushing hundreds (thousands) out of their homes, especially with the levee break last night. I can honestly say that I have never experienced weather like this before.

    Gotta love Target for bathing suits! And everything else ;)

  3. Lots of it! In the 90's and will be in the 100's by Friday, I will most likely melt lol. Mine is from a skate shop lol got it while christmas shopping, less than $10, score right here! I do, I either go to a place called Togo's (sandwich, wrap, salad place) or I get a salad from Whole Foods.

  4. We have had a ton of sunshine and hot weather. Love it! My bikini is from Victoria's secret. Got it last year in Vegas :) Favorite lunch spot we would be Rock City Coffee or the Atlantic Baking Co. Healthy sandwich, soup, and salad options at both - and less than 1/10th mile from my work :)

  5. Funny to see you say you'd punch a baby because I say that all the time and people look at me like I have 3 heads... So weird.
    I got too much sun at a crossfit fundraiser this past weekend; lotion, lotion, lotion!
    Favorite healthy lunch spot... Hmm. Either Cafe Express or Panera!