Monday, June 17, 2013

Pistols, Rock, Scissors

I woke up extra early this morning. Hell hath frozen over.

... including the alarm clock.

I woke up early to make sure I had a chance to get a workout in. SO happy I did; it ended up being an awesome morning. Not because I feel like I burned off the trough of cake I ate yesterday ... 

... or because my workout was particularly ground breaking (it wasn't), but because my lovely lady chumps were there (everyones schedule's right now are off the wall and crazy, so none of us work out "together" so to speak, but we all bump into each other on our way in and out), but just being in the same room as them perks up my spirits!

Right now, when there is a lot of unknown and change happening in my life (no, I can't talk about it), I lean on these girls. They're my rocks.

And of course, a little gym therapy helps me get through the hard times, too.

Working on driving my knees out

Today's workout:

Strength: Every 2 min for 12 min
7 hang squat clean + 3 strict press

Metcon: AMRAP 18:
5 pullups + 5 pistols (each leg) + 6 weighted step ups (35# kbs each arm)
(10 rounds total)

Skill: 1 min plank + 5x12 KB Figure 8's

Cash out: Tabata sprint: Incline Level 12, speed 6.5, 20 seconds running/10 seconds rest, repeat 8 times.

My girl Mel doing her thang during those tabata sprints. 

All cleaned up a few hours later, we met for dinner at Cheddar's. 

Do you ever order from the kids menu? 
I ordered the quarter-pounder sans bun and steamed veggies instead of fries.

Do you ever drink out of the carton? I have to admit I do, since I don't share it with anyone else.

And look! So excited about the samples I received in the mail today! I have been debating about ordering Herbalife and Advocare, but neither of the nutrition stats of their products did I really like, and then I came across Isagenix. Pretty excited to try them out! 

(and because I didn't blog yesterday)
Happy Father's Day to the coolest dad a girl could have! <3

Do you drink out of the carton?
Order from the kids menu?
Use tabata protocol?

I drew the name of the Frog Fuel winner this evening and will be announcing and emailing them tomorrow. Thanks to all who participated!


  1. Never order from the kids menu, cause this girls got to eat from the big menu! HA! I know that you have a lot of unknown going on right now and you don't need to share it with all of us, but know that we are here for you, if you do need to lean on your social media friends. :) XOXO PS: I'll be in Texas in a few weeks! EEEKKK!

  2. I order off the kids meal all the time, it's more small girl portion friendly!

  3. No to the drinking out of the carton. Just can't do it...
    Yes to the kids' menu. I don't feel as guilty if I indulge just a little.
    ABSOLUTELY to the tabata protocol. Love that. I do the sprints 3 times a week. Some on incline, some flat, some in the yard on a hill pulling a 35# sled to shake things up. Would rather do those than steady running ANY day!!!

  4. K I have to ask this, is your dad ron perlman? Seriously he looks just like him, and thus thinking your husband is one brave man to marry you, I would be scared sh*#less very intimidating looking fella

  5. Hi Courtney, you look great and love your shorts. what brand is that? I have heard of that brand of protein but never try it. I hope its good. I do not drink out of the carton or use Tabata protoal. Good luck in school